Sellsword Luet


A big, angry slab of armor, ready to take hits for anyone who calls. His summon signs are found near boss doors in the Forest of Fallen Giants, Sinner's Rise, Drangleic Castle and Aldia's Keep.


Only available in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

Forest of Fallen Giants (shade)
Near the boss fog for The Last Giant.

Sinner's Rise
After going down the lift, continue through the water, go up onto the top right platform. Sellsword Luet is found in the second room. In NG+ he dies pretty fast in this battle

Drangleic Castle
After Dragonriders. In the adjacent room from the stone golem which drops the elevator.

Aldia's Keep
Found in the large hall, on the floor with the Mirror Knights. be careful when summoning him, even if he's useful it's not a good idea to have 4 phantoms just behind you.



  • His only purpose in life is to take heat off you, pure and simple. Excellent boss bait.
  • His rings, high poise armor and double greatshields make him very good at his job even if he doesn't actually hurt the enemies that much.
  • His shade in the Forest can be summoned even after the Last Giant is dead. Try taking him along into the fire lizard den when you double back with the Iron Key in your pocket.
  • Starts and ends every assignment with a War Cry gesture.
  • he seems to use the stone ring most of his attacks will stunlock ennemies.
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