Scorpioness Najka


The wife of Manscopion Tark, a fragile soul created long ago by an ancient being in the throes of madness. Najka herself has succumbed to the very affliction which felled her master and has devolved into a ferocious beast, a threat to all living things.1


Shaded Woods
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 5,741 23,000
2 (NG+) 10,047 46,000
8 (NG+7) 18,828 92,000


NPC Summons

Scholar of the First Sin


  • High Magic Resistance
  • Medium Lightning and Dark Resistance
  • Immune to Poison


  • Low fire resistance

Attack Patterns

  • Forward thrust
  • Melee staff slash
  • Stinger forward Stab
  • Stinger sweep
  • Stinger Grab (causes toxin buildup)
  • Homing Soulmass
  • Soul Spear
  • Tunnel underground (move to the concrete flooring to avoid damage)
  • Stinger Thrash (happens from a certain distance only, very rare. She flails her tails wildly up and down, smashing the ground)


When she stabs her two stingers into the ground you have an opportunity to chop them off. It is not recommended that you do so, as this will cause her to use her Homing Soulmasss more often, and there is no reward for cutting off the stingers.

If her stingers curl to the sides, get away from the opposite side that she is curling because she is about to do a sweeping attack. If the stringers move up, she is about to plunge them at you.

When she burrows beneath the ground, stand on the chunk of concrete.. She will not be able to burrow up beneath you. Roll away when she reappears and take advantage of her recovery time.

It's possible to have Najka stand on an area slightly higher than the player. If she does so, try baiting her into using her staff combo. None of her attacks will be able to hit lower than her, meaning you can hug up close to her and use whatever attack you like while she misses.

General Strategy

Once you work out her attack pattern, Najka is a fairly simple fight. Firstly, choose one of the tree trunks and kite Najka around it, attacking after she attacks. You should roll backwards to dodge all of her melee attacks. Eventually she will cast Homing Soulmass. Make sure her line of sight goes through the tree trunk, which will now tank most of the Soulmasses. Roll into the trunk on the second wave of soul masses, to ensure you don't get hit. If she tunnels underground, run around until she re-surfaces and lure her back to the tree trunk. Repeat this until she is dead.

Another strategy is to circle her as close as you can, as she is then less likely to use Homing Soulmass. Just remember not to get behind her, as she will swipe you with her stinger. Always start backing off whenever she starts attacking, especially when she takes a few steps towards you. If she does use Homing Soulmass, start strafing and roll if necessary. When she uses her other magic attack, run at her. It should go over your head.


  • To get the item from the body hanging from the tree in her boss arena, you need to bait her to knock it down with a melee attack. Don't worry if you miss it, it's only a Flame Butterfly.
  • Both of Najka's stingers may be cut off, but there is no reward.
  • Manscorpion Tark rewards you with a Fragrant Branch of Yore after Najka is dead.
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