Scholar of the First Sin

Changes from Dark Souls II

This list will not mention changes to enemy location, only the appearance/removal of new enemies, as well as the other additions. Credit to /u/RandomGibbon on reddit for the original list

Things Betwixt

  • Petrified Undead Traveler blocking the fog gate to the sex-change coffin area. When unpetrified, this Undead Traveler will be hostile but will not respawn. This area has 6 Basilisks instead of Undead Travelers now (3 Basilisks and one archer Undead Traveler at the top and another group after dropping down). An Estus Flask Shard can be found on a corpse in this area.
  • A Black Phantom will appear if you light all of the sconces in the area.
  • A (non-respawning) Pursuer will appear once you go to the beach area where the sex-change coffin is located. He drops Twinkling Titanite.


  • Killing the 3 Enslaved Pigs 12 times will cause them to change into 2 big boars. Killing the boars 12 times will cause them to change into a single huge boar. This boar drops 3 Cracked Red Eye Orbs, and does not respawn.
  • Dragon Talon can be found in the room unlocked by the Forgotten Key in the pit.

Forest of Fallen Giants

The Crestfallen's Retreat

  • A respawning Ogre patrolling the river.
  • A Soul of a Lost Undead has been removed from the corpse in the river.
  • Heide Knight is no longer lounging against the tree in the area with lots of fake corpses. This area now has more sleeping hollows (total of 11).
  • The archer at the top overhang is now replaced with a firebomb hollow soldier.
  • Two Ironclads appear in the area with the Fire Longsword.

Cardinal Tower

  • The room above the bonfire is much darker.
  • Heavy Iron Key can be found in the Flame Salamander pit below the bonfire.
  • The Estus Flask Shard has been removed from the chest above the bonfire.
  • Area just before the King's Gate now has a non-respawning Royal Knight guarding it, and contains a Grand Lance.
  • One Ironclad placed on the platform where the Pursuer first appears.
  • Multiple new items on the platform just outside of the bonfire (where you fight the Pursuer).
  • Invisible hollow found in the area above the firebomb throwers.
  • Archer hollow soldier replaced with Old Ironclad. This one rides up and down the other elevator car.
  • New shade you can summon for the Last Giant called Sellsword Luet.

Soldiers' Rest

  • Basement is now very dark. This area has 6 skeletons.
  • Bastard Sword has been moved inside.
  • New invader called Armorer Dennis, who wears the Forossan Mage set, uses the Blue Flame and a several spells.

The Place Unbeknownest

  • The body on the ledge now has a Fragrant Branch of Yore in addition to the Twinkling Titanites. It does not respawn when asceticed either.

Heide's Tower of Flame

Heide's Ruin

  • Non-hostile respawning Heide Knights are now here; one right as you enter Heide's Tower, one before the Hammer Old Knight, one just before the stairs leading to the Dragonrider and one blocking a chest near the Dragonrider fog gate. These four are non-hostile until you kill the Dragonrider.
  • Hostile respawning Heide Knights, two on the approach to the Blue Cathedral.
  • The knight before the drawbridge has been replaced with a dragon.
  • The metal chest that used to contain the Ring of Binding now contains 5 Human Effigy.
  • The metal chest that used to contain the Heide Knight Iron Mask now contains the Cleric's Parma.
  • The bonfire in the Tower of Flame has been moved a few metres!
  • Once the Dragonrider dies, the Heide Knights become aggressive.
  • The Ring of Binding can be found in a metal chest just before the Dragonrider, blocked by a Heide Knight.

Tower of Flame

  • Sublime Bone Dust is no longer dropped by the mace Old Knight, but is found in a chest in the passage on the way to No Man's Wharf, guarded by a non-respawning Royal Knight.
  • There is now a petrified hollow blocking the optional area in the second section of the passage. Behind him is a Mastodon and a Estus Flask Shard on a body.

No Man's Wharf

  • Lucatiel is no longer by the Unseen Path bonfire, but is found in the side building when going up the first set of stairs.
  • Multiple sconces can be lit across the level.
  • A new shade called Bradley of the Old Guard can be summoned.
  • A shortcut has been added to skip across the docks.
  • Gavlan has been moved to the room with the porticullis pull.
  • There is now a Undead Jailer on the ship.
  • There are now corrosive barrels in No Man's Wharf.
  • From the metal chest that contained a Estus Flask Shard, you now get a Fragrant Branch of Yore.
  • Two Suspicious Shadow appear in the level after the bell. They can be found hanging under overhangs.
  • The chest containing the Pyromancy Flame has been moved to be more obvious.
  • An invisible hollow is sitting outside on the left side of the building near the Pharros Lockstone mechanism.

The Lost Bastille

Exile Holding Cell

  • The lance Heide Knight has been removed.
  • Royal Soldiers are now found here.
  • A Pursuer will now invade in the courtyard containing the dogs.

McDuff's Workshop

  • The door to the Ruin Sentinels has been blocked by a non-respawning petrified hollow.
  • A new metal chest appears in the room with Lucatiel, containing the Antiquated Key.
  • A new shade is available for the Ruin Sentinels, Felicia the Brave.

The Tower Apart

  • Contains two new metal chests, containg the Dull Ember and 2 Human Effigy.
  • A Pursuer invades in the area that contains the Silver Serpent Ring. The chest now also contains a Fragrant Branch of Yore.
  • There is an invisible Hollow in the room where the Pursuer appears.
  • There is an invisible Hollow in the room next to petrified Straid

Servant Quarters

  • The Bastille Key is now found on the ledge just outside.
  • A Pursuer invades you on the ledge containg the Bracing Knuckle Ring.
  • There is a shadow ninja in the room containing the Soul Vessel and the Parrying Dagger. (The Pharros lockstone room).
  • A Pursuer invades you in the room just before the Belfry Luna.

Belfry Luna

  • Dragon Tooth can be found in the pit where Vorgal the Sinner invades.
  • Masterless Glencour is a new shade for the Belfry Gargoyles. He is found under the second staircase.

Sinner's Rise

  • Flexile Sentry is found in the basement, rather than the Enhanced Undead creatures.
  • Sublime Bone Dust is no longer found on the body to the left of the lift. Instead the body holds the Blossom Kite Shield.
  • The lance Heide Knight can be found in the room the Bastille Key opens on the top left platform.
  • There is a new shade to summon, Sellsword Leut.
  • The pyromancer assistance now occurs during asceticed NG+, rather than just true NG+.
  • There is an invisible Hollow near the Heide Knight.

Shaded Woods

  • One of the rooms near the Old Akelarre bonfire contains a Gyrm.

Ruined Fork Road

  • The left road now contains Falconers instead of the poisonous hollows.
  • The Red Tearstone ring is now guarded by an Ogre and two Kobolds.
  • A Royal Knight is guarding the King's Gate.

Shrine of Winter

  • Forest Guardians now inhabit the area.
  • The Heide Knight has been removed.

Shaded Woods

  • A new shade can be summoned, Bradley of the Old Guard. He is found in between the two broken towers before Scorpioness Najka
  • Jumping onto the bridge to the left you now find a metal chest containing a Sublime Bone Dust. It is guarded by a Royal Knight, who replaces the Basilisk.
  • Numerous Lion Warriors have been removed.
  • Numerous Invisible hollows have been placed.
  • The Estus Flask Shard in the room with Ornifex has been changed to a Fragrant Branch of Yore.
  • There is a new petrified lion blocked the room after you meet Tark. Vengarl's body is found beyond this statue.
  • A petrified lion blocks the chest near the vases, containing Repair.
  • The giant Basilisk has been removed.
  • A petrified lion near the Chief Lion Warrior drops the Warlock Mask once unpetrified.
  • Tark now gives you the Black Scorpion Stinger once you talk to him and defeat Scorpioness Najka.

Doors of Pharros

  • The mimic before the Grym Respite bonfire has been removed.
  • The crystal lizard has been moved closer to the doorway and no longer immediately runs off.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

  • Numerous passive spiders have been placed around the level.

Royal Army Campsite

  • Falconers now appear in place of most of the hollows.
  • There is now a pig in the tunnel down the well.
  • The chest after the tunnel is now a mimic, containing the Staff of Wisdom and Dark Leggings.
  • The Estus Flask Shard that was found in the hidden room near the Chapel has been replaced with the Priestess Set.

Chapel Threshold

  • There is now a crystal lizard after the first zipline.
  • The 2nd zipline has been removed.
  • To access the bonfire behind the door that "Doesn't open from this side", you need to drop down to a lower platform after the first Hollow Mage.
  • New invader, Bowman Guthry. He invades by the swirling vortex of sand, wielding duel Avelyns.
  • A new summon, Bashful Ray can be summoned in the room to the right of Ornifex's.
  • The miner black phantom has been moved to the right-hand alcove in the spider hall.
  • Peasant hollows have been added to the mining pit.
  • Useful items have been added to the mining pit (different titanite pieces, including a Slab)
  • The spider hollows have been removed from the above the spider hall entrance.
  • Manhunter O'harra can be summoned in the spider hall.
  • On the corpse behind the bench in the same hall are now additional 4 Gold Pine Resin.
  • The room preceding Freja is much darker.
  • There are 3 torch hollows in the room before Freja.

Huntsman's Copse

Undead Refuge

  • A Giant Basilisk is found in the pit with Ricard's Rapier, along with a torch hollow in place of the Torturer.

Bridge Approach

  • A new, fast hollow has been added to the area beyond the first bridge.
  • The domed building containing Soul Spear now also contains a metal chest with Sublime Bone Dust, guarded by a Royal Knight.
  • The Sublime Bone Dust to the right just before the Undead Purgatory has been removed.

Undead Lockaway

  • The Undead Lockaway key has moved onto the ledge that used to contain 3 thieves and a crystal lizard. Now it contains a corpse with the key and the invader Merciless Roenna.
  • The small ledge near the Undead Lockaway key now holds a Flamberge.
  • The body that used to hold the Undead Lockaway key now holds 2 Flame Butterflies.
  • New, fast hollows have been added to this area. One before the heavy Iron bridge, one on the path to the Skeleton Lords.
  • The second necromancer from the cave side now appears outside, and will fire upon the player.
  • The third room on the cave side now contains 40 Lacerating Arrows, 1 Human Effigy and 3 Prism Stones.
  • A body near the portcullis on the cave side now holds an Estus Flask Shard. A crystal lizard is also nearby.
  • The Skeleton Lords boss fight has changed. They now summon far more regular skeletons, and only two wheeled skeletons.
  • Creighton the Wanderer can be summoned near the portcullis.

Harvest Valley

Poison Pool

  • The poison gas pit now contains multiple crawling hollows
  • The two overseers have been replaced with two Desert Sorceresses.

The Mines

  • Multiple poison vases surround the bonfire.
  • A Desert Sorceress has now been placed further up on Earthen Peak, and will throw fireballs down towards the player.
  • The area outside of the bonfire contains three crystal lizards.
  • The body on the ledge now contains a Petrified Something, rather than a Fragrant Branch of Yore.
  • The second poison gas pit now contains a Washing Pole, multiple Titanite Shards, a Dragon Charm and a Titanite Slab.
  • The Artificial Undead near the sunlight altar has been removed.
  • The body in the poison passage that used to contain a Estus Flask Shard now holds a Repair Powder.
  • Lucatiel is now found in the room containing the Pharros Contraption adjacent to the poison passage.

Earthen Peak

Lower Earthen Peak

  • The walkway with poison pits now has poison jugs.
  • The Manikin near the poison longsword is replaced with a Desert Sorceres (Bonfire Intensity 2+).
  • The enemy in front of the windmill is now a Grave Warden.

Central Earthen Peak

  • Bashful Ray can be summoned near Laddersmith Gilligan.
  • The elevator before Pate now has two Manikins that ambush you.
  • A Shadow Warrior appears in the side area.
  • The Dark Phantom near the third bonfire has been removed.

Iron Keep

  • New invaders, Armorer Dennis and Fencer Sharron, will invade near the door after the first bridge. With summons, they can invade at the same time, otherwise they appear alone.
  • The Zweihander chest has been moved up on to the structure holding the Pharros contraption.
  • The archer by the Pharros contraption has been moved to where the Zweihander chest used to be.
  • The Dull Ember has been replaced by a Petrified Dragon Bone.

Ironhearth Hall

  • The mimic has been moved to the Gutter.
  • A new invader, Oliver the Collector will invade in the upper area of the main room.
  • A spinning fire statue is now present in the second room in Eygil's Statue.
  • A new summon for the Iron King, Manhunter O'harrah. Her summon sign is in the same room as the lightning short bow.
  • The chest after the Iron King now contains a Petrified Something.

Belfry Sol

  • More ballistas have been added. There are now four aiming towards the centre.
  • A new shade can be summoned, Drifter Swordsman Aidel. He is found right behind you when you pass through the first fog gate.

Grave of Saints

  • Before the scaffolding leading to the Gutter, there is now a Royal Knight guarding a Sublime Bone Dust.
  • Great Heal can now be found on a skeleton nearby.

The Gutter

  • A torch hollow has been added just outside the area with the Forgotten Key door.
  • Corrosive jars have been added to the room next to the Dark Pyromancy Flame.
  • A Fragrant Branch of Yore can be found at the top of the structure that holds the Dark Pyromancy Flame.
  • A mimic is now near where Melinda the Butcher invades. It is wooden.
  • After lighting every sconce in the Gutter, a invader called Gutter Denizen will invade, wearing the full Black Witch Set, and upon death drops the set.
  • A Heide Knight wearing the Heide Knight Iron Mask is found at the bottom of the ladder that leads to the Gutter zipline. He drops the Iron Mask and the Heide Knight Lance.
  • The visible Aurous set is available near the Heide Knight in a metal chest.
  • An Estus Flask Shard is found near the top of the Gutter zipline.

The Black Gulch

Drangleic Castle

  • Invisible hollow on the left side of the castle entrance.
  • The Heide Knight has been removed.
  • The Mastadons have been moved further down the staircase.
  • Six Royal Knight statues have been added near the entrance, and 3 of them can come to life.
  • The Royal Knight in the foyer on the right has been removed.
  • The room to the left of the foyer now contains a Sublime Bone Dust.
  • Invisible Hollow in the same room as the Royal Soldier and the ladder down to the first bonfire

King's Gate

  • More Stone Soldiers have been added to the puzzle room, although some are inactive now. Ten will become active.
  • Bashful Ray is available as a shade, he is found at the back of the puzzle room.
  • The Frozen Flower is found on a body whilst progressing through the castle.
  • The poison masks will only shoot when you open the chest in the centre of the room now.
  • Numerous statues have been added, and some can come to life.
  • Pilgrim Bellclaire can be summoned for the twin Dragonriders.
  • A Dark Stalker is found in the cave with the Faraam Set.

Central Castle Drangleic

Shrine of Amana

  • 2 Human Effigy in the area to the left straight after the tower.

Crumbled Ruins

  • More Archdrake Sorceresses.
  • A Old Knight with mace is now present.
  • A Dragonrider is now guarding the path to the King's Soul and King's Set.

Rhoy's Resting Place

  • A healing cleric has been added.
  • After the Demon of Song, there is a Royal Knight guarding the entrance to the Undead Crypt.

Rise of the Dead

  • Three basilisks have been added just outside the tower.
  • Three pyromancers now appear on the way to the altar tower.

Undead Crypt

Undead Crypt Entrance

  • 1 Sorceresses before Agdayne has been removed. Two Royal Knights have been added in their place, as well as a Imperious Knight.

Undead Ditch

  • Agdayne no longer sells Insolent gear.
  • If you light the main light source, red phantoms will spawn throughout the area. They drop Insolent gear.
  • Imperious Knight added near the chest with the Soul Vessel.
  • More rocks and bells.
  • Always respawning (no limit) Skeletons can now appear out of the ground.
  • Invisible Hollows after the Imperious Knight's blocking the way.
  • Just before Velstadt, most of the Royal Knights have been removed, but a Dragonrider has taken there place. He is non-respawning.
  • 2 new chests to the left of Velstadt's fog gate. They contain 4 Torch and 1 Fragrant Branch of Yore.
  • 2 new chests to the right of Velstadt's fog gate. They contain 1 Darknight Stone and 15 Poison Throwing Knife.
  • Several Invisible Hollows can be found on the side in the hallway before Velstadt.

Aldia's Keep

  • 4 sconces have been added to the keep. Lighting them will spawn a Forlorn. Two will have Greatswords, two will have Scythes. These Forlorns do not count towards the kill counter for Straid selling the Forlorn armor.
  • The Aldia Key is picked up from the Bone Dragon after lighting all four sconces and going under his claw.
  • Sellsword Leut is available as a shade on the floor with mirrors.
  • The cage in the long hallway now contains a hippoclops instead of an enhanced undead. There is also a activated mimic and a basilisk in other cages.
  • The giant mushroom in a cage has been replaced with a Belfry Gargoyle.
  • There is a Prowling Magus in the room accessed with the Aldia Key, along with three mimics.

Dragon Aerie

  • A petrified hollow now blocks the first bridge. You can bypass him by using the ladder by the first bonfire.
  • A Dragon Shrine Priest has been added to the second dragon nest.
  • Invader Fencer Sharron appears if you take the optional route and cross the wooden bridge.

Dragon Shrine

  • Bashful Ray can be summoned. He is found in the area where the mimic used to be.
  • Numerous dragon warriors are present across the level. They will remain non-aggressive unless you attack them or run past the grey one on the final staircase.
  • The chest that used to contain Crystal Magic Weapon now contains a Fragrant Branch of Yore.

Memory of the King

  • Velstadt can be seen in the next room.

Throne of Want

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