Sanctum Soldier

Sanctum Soldier


Soldiers that constituted the main military force which served under the rule of the "Sunken King" in a long forgotten kingdom from eons past.

Their once high quality equipment has been twisted and warped by the toxic miasma ejected from Sinh the Slumbering dragon, whilst their flesh and bones have rotted and degraded over the course of countless years of hollowing. These once proud defenders of a magnificent kingdom have now been reduced to almost mindless sentries of a crumbling ruin but; even still, their loyalty to defend has not wavered and they will not tolerate perceived threats to their land.


Shulva, Sanctum City
Dragon's Sanctum
Cave of the Dead

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 860 550
2 1,100 1,100
8 2,000 2,200


  • Mace
    • Swings multiple times
    • Jumping attack
  • Lance
    • Lance stabs
    • Forward running drill (lance running attack)
  • Archer
    • Shoots arrows
    • Switches to sword in close range


  • Very high Fire, Magic and Lightning resistance
  • Medium Dark resistance



  • There are several varieties of this enemy, including: Sanctum Mace, bow/sword/shield, lance/shield and torch/mace wielding versions.
  • The green-glowing ones cause Poison buildup if you stay near them.
  • Their attacks can be parried.
  • Frequently try to heal with Estus Flask.
  • They have a high poise rating. It is recommended that you use the Stone Ring against them.
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