Sanctum Knight

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The sanctum knights renounced their own
flesh to eternally guard the Sanctum
from Sir Yorgh and his Drakeblood Knights.

These guardian knights were sentenced to eternal
stewardship of the Sanctum in a clandestine ritual
carried out in the great depths, but today the
sanctum receives nary a visitor.


Dragon's Sanctum
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,100 1,200
2 1,300 2,400
8 2,500 4,800


  • Multiple curved sword slashes.
  • Double curved sword strong attack.
  • Jumping attack.
  • Can switch to dual crossbows and fire either a volley of regular bolts or a volley of Dark bolts.


  • Body Form
    • Very high Fire, Magic and Dark resistance
    • High Lightning resistance
    • Poise cannot be broken
  • Ghost Form
    • Extremely high Fire, Magic and Dark resistance
    • Very high Lightning resistance
    • Immune to physical



  • If their armor isn't destroyed, they will be in ghost form and be immune to physical damage and highly resistant to elemental damage.
  • Once their armor is destroyed, they will be permanently in non-ghost form.
  • They cannot be backstabbed while in ghost form.
  • They cannot cancel their chain attacks, making them extremely easy to backstab.
  • 4 of the 9 Sanctum Knights found in Dragon Sanctum don't actually use crossbows, even though they appear to have ammo.
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