The Imperfect

The Imperfect


Strange, powerful and twisted unsettling creatures of unknown origins. They appear to be somewhat related to either dragons or drakes although this is somewhat a theory as details of their creation / existence are little to none.

They are extremely large, reptilian and stand on two legs (similar to a Drake except lacking wings). They have pitch black skin which appears to ooze a thick black slime and a massive, smooth and semicircular shaped head that is featureless; with no visible eyes, nose or ears, except for an enormous mouth that's filled with gigantic crushing teeth that are, peculiarly, human-like in nature, rather than reptilian shaped (the latter seen in dragons, basilisks and drakes etc). They also have a small pointed tail. Although they lack wings - these creatures are capable of using their legs to jump extreme distances and heights - covering ground extremely quickly and surprisingly - as their size and general movements would not allude to this ability. Some magical force must brew within these monstrosities because they are additionally able to fire a large, electrical, explosive orb of darkness from their gaping jaws.

Perhaps they are poor imitations of dragons created in an attempt to mimic their great power? Or maybe they are offspring of humanity and dragons combined? We may never know. But what is certain however, is that these creatures will happily devour you and are extremely tough to kill.


Dragon's Sanctum
Several near Lair of the Imperfect bonfire
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 2,530 1,700
2 (NG+) 3,036 3,400
8 (NG+7) 5,760 6,800



  • Bite
  • Head swing once from left to right
  • Double head swing from right to left then left to right
  • Grab (multiple bites if connects)
  • Forward head charge
  • Ground stomp (twice)
  • Jump, followed by ground slam
  • Outside melee range, fires a Dark projectile that has splash damage


  • They are slightly less resistant to dark.
  • They can be poisoned. Dark Fog, Poison Cloud, Toxic Cloud, and Poison Arrows all work. It requires more than one cast for spells or 9 arrows (tested in NG). Dark Fog or Poison Arrows work best because of the longer range.


  • While in their grab and stomp animations, they take about 80% less damage. This reduction affects all damage types.
  • They greatly resemble the Bounding Demons of Izalith from Dark Souls I.
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