Ruined Aflis

Ruined Aflis


A strange sorcerer with a thing for dragons and dark places. He can be summoned as a Shade to help clear the Soldiers' Rest or as a White Phantom for the Cave of the Dead boss fight.


Cave of the Dead
Found in the summoning room just before the caves.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin:

Forest of Fallen Giants (shade)
Found in the dark corridor between Cardinal Tower and Soldiers' Rest. Needing the Soldier's Key means he can only be reached after The Last Giant is dead, but he can be enlisted to help in The Pursuer boss fight.




  • His main purpose in life is to light the way with his magic. The first thing he does upon summon is Cast Light, recasting it as soon as it runs out indoors. Considering how dark the Soldiers' Rest corridor is in Scholar of the First Sin, he can be a lifesaver for players who've wasted all of their torches.
  • His shade timer in the Forest of Fallen Giants lasts just long enough to clear the skeletons and all enemies in Soldiers' Rest aside from Armorer Dennis.
  • The soul spears he casts look scary, but they deal dismal damage (~160-190 damage on NG skeletons in the FoFG). He might be a heavy user of Simpleton's Spice.
  • May get stuck outside the boss fog (highly unlikely).
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