Royal Swordsman
Royal Swordsman


The Royal Swordsman were chosen from the bravest of King Vendrick's men, and provided them with the best armor available for the war against the Giants. However, very few survived the battles. While they may be no match for Giants, they still pose a threat when they attack you in numbers.1


Lost Bastille
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 400 180
2 900 360
8 1,200 720
Sinner's Rise
Shrine of Winter
Drangleic Castle
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 600 200
2 850 400
8 1,630 800


  • Average against Slash and Strike-Type Attacks
  • Vulnerable against Thrust-Type Attacks


  • Dry
    • Medium Fire and Dark Resistance
    • Low Magic and Lightning Resistance
  • Soaked with Rain
    • Very High— Fire Resistance
    • Medium Dark Resistance
    • Low Magic Resistance
    • No Lightning Resistance


Attack Patterns

  • Ranged - Ones with crossbows will shoot if you are far away. They use fire arrows. At close range they will switch to greatsword.
  • Overhead Strike - Raises its sword above its head and strikes vertically.
  • Horizontal Slash - Slashes its sword diagonally twice.
  • Forward Lunge - Lunges forward, stabbing with its sword.
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