Royal Soldier's Ring
royal soldier's ring

In-Game Description

A ring bearing a soldier's seal.
Increases the load that can be carried.

These rings were granted to warriors who
distinguished themselves in the service of
King Vendrick. The king favored simple
warriors who staked their every battle on
strength alone.


Royal Soldier's Ring

No-man's Wharf treasure. Just below where you pull the lever to call the ship is a house with two Varangian Sailors and some poison pots.
Inside to the left of a metal chest is a breakable wall that leads into a small room containing a Crystal Lizard, a couple of corpses with various soul items and a metal chest with the ring.

Royal Soldier's Ring +1

Drangleic Castle treasure. Found in a metal chest guarded by two Stone Soldiers and a Ruin Sentinel in the room to the right of the King's Gate bonfire. It is in the third room on the right.

Royal Soldier's Ring +2

Dropped by Velstadt the Royal Aegis at Bonfire Intensity 2 or above.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Royal Soldier's Ring Increases maximum equipment load by 10% 120 0.2
Royal Soldier's Ring +1 Increases maximum equipment load by 15% 90 0.5
Royal Soldier's Ring +2 Increases maximum equipment load by 20% 75 0.8
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