Rosabeth of Melfia
Rosabeth Of Melfia


Rosabeth of Melfia is the petrified NPC blocking the switch that leads to the Shaded Woods. After being unpetrified, she upgrades your Pyromancy Flame and sells Pyromancies. She moves to Majula permanently if you offer her equipment.

While she remains where she is at the switch leading to the Shaded Woods, she is still susceptible to creatures' attacks though she does not aggro them. While you can use the switch to aggro all creatures nearby and release a basilisk. Alternatively, reloading the area removes her away from area though she may not immediately appear in Majula.


Found next to Benhart of Jugo in the ruined gatehouse.

After receiving clothing she moves to the base of the large monument in Majula.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 2,550 1,300
2 6,120 2,600
8 ? 5,200



Rings Total Soul Cost Notes
Flame Quartz Ring 1 2,000 Increases Fire defense by 50 points.
Thunder Quartz Ring 1 2,000 Increases Lightning defense by 50 points.
Dark Quartz Ring 1 2,000 Increases Dark defense by 50 points.
Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Small Blue Burr 1,200 Temporarily boosts Magic defense.
Small Yellow Burr 1,200 Temporarily boosts Lightning defense.
Small Orange Burr 1,200 Temporarily boosts Fire defense
Fire Seed 3 8,000 Used to reinforce Pyromancy Flame.
Scrolls Total Soul Cost Notes
Fireball 1 1,200 Pyromancy
Fire Orb 1 3,400 Pyromancy
Combustion 1 1,500 Pyromancy
Poison Mist 1 3,400 Pyromancy
Flash Sweat 1 2,300 Pyromancy
Iron Flesh 1 3,500 Pyromancy




  • When unpetrified, she rewards you with a Prism Stone.
  • Giving her equipment unlocks an achievement.
  • While equipment given to her does not affect her defense values, the equipment still has passive abilities. For instance, if you give her a Symbol of Avarice, she takes damage from wearing it.


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