Ring of the Embedded

ring of the embedded

In-Game Description

Ring crafted from the chains of the Embedded.
Receive various benefits, but at the cost
of increased damage taken.

The chains of the Embedded have the power
to transform people into slaves of pleasure,
setting them on a path of ruin.
This ring augments that peculiar quality.


Frozen Eleum Loyce treasure.

From the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, continue upwards until you see a tree and a narrow path between some buildings. You can see the frozen fountain below you. Take a left to find a corpse with the ring.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Ring of the Embedded Increases Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality by an amount inversely proportional to their base value.
Increases damage taken by approximately 8%.
80 2.0

Stat Increases

Base value Increase
4-6 7
7-19 6
20-33 5
34-46 4
47-96 3
97 2
98 1
99 0
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