Ring of Soul Protection
ring of soul protection

In-Game Description

Divine ring that watches over one's soul.
Created by Ivory Rhones, sage of Lindelt.

It's great protective power will protect you
from any loss upon death or petrification,
but after its power is spent, the ring will break.


  • Sold by Head of Vengarl for 8,000 souls. (Not in Scholar of the first Sin)
  • The Gutter treasure, inside a metal chest on the wall ledge that triggers the Melinda the Butcher invasion. From the first bonfire, follow the bridges and platforms upwards, jump down to the area with the tar pools, jump down to a small wall ledge, jump down again to an area with a wooden tower, climb the tower and jump to the wall ledge.
  • Dropped by Dingy Cleric Phantom in Grave of Saints, in the pit with Undead Prisoners. Bonfire Intensity 2 or above.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Ring of Soul Protection Do not turn hollow or lose souls upon death or petrification. Breaks when activated.1 340 1.0


  • The ring can be repaired for 6,000 souls in Dark Souls II. It can be repaired for 14, 000 souls in Scholar of the First Sin.
  • Considering the repair cost, it may be attractive to take the time to use the Pagan Tree to repair it for free.
  • It can be used to PvP as a host without needing to consume Human Effigies, at the cost of a ring slot. Multiple copies can be acquired for quick swapping.
  • Due to its very high durability there is a very low chance it will break from anything that might cause equipment breakage.
  • If Petrification meter builds up to full with the ring equipped, the bar will drain at the cost of the ring breaking. (Confirmed for Petrifying Statue Cluster, Petrifying Statue, and Petrifying Mist Trap in Cave of the Dead)

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