Ring of Giants
ring of giants

In-Game Description

The beloved ring of the gallant
Shieldless Lothian, formerly of Forossa.
Increases poise.

Lothian was born a peasant, and died a general.
His determination and diligence were unmatched,
especially on the battlefield, where he earned
his name by choosing to fight without a shield.


Ring of Giants

Sold by Lonesome Gavlan for 5,000 souls in No-man's Wharf, 6,000 souls in Harvest Valley, or 7,000 souls in the Doors of Pharros.

Ring of Giants +1

Black Gulch treasure. Located in a chest behind the two giants in the underground portion of the area.

Ring of Giants +2

Dropped by the Giant Lord at Bonfire Intensity 2 and above.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Ring of Giants Increases Poise by 10 150 2.0
Ring of Giants +1 Increases Poise by 20 115 3.0
Ring of Giants +2 Increases Poise by 30 95 5.0
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