In-Game Description

A sorcery that dates farther back than recollection.
Repairs equipped weapons and armor.

Uses light to repair damaged weapons and armor.
Supposedly this sorcery restores items to a past
state, but with the knowledge of this art lost,
the finer details of the phenomenon are unknown.


Repairs durability of equipped items - weapons gain 20 durability, rings gain 10, and armor gains 30. Will not repair broken gear.


Dark Souls II

Found just past the Shrine of Winter. After you exit the shrine, head down the hill and take a right and follow the path to the end. Once there you will see a corpse which holds the spell.

Scholar of the First Sin

In the Shaded Woods, inside a chest blocked by a petrified lion warrior. You will need to use a Fragrant Branch of Yore


Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots Intelligence Required
Self/Buff 2 N/A 1 15

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 2
43 3
94 4


  • Repair works much like Repair Powder, except that Repair will only repair equipment currently in use. This includes armor, rings, any items in the opposing hand, and the catalyst itself. Any other equipment not currently in use (i.e. not in the left or right hand when casting) will not be repaired.
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