Red Sign Soapstone
Red Sign Soapstone

In-Game Description

Online play item.
Leave invasion sign.

Be summoned to another world as a dark
spirit, and defeat the summoner to acquire
a Token of Spite.

Some Undead persevere along the honorable
path even after crossing into the dark.
The Red Sign Soapstone is for them.


Places a Red Sign at your current location, allowing any player in human form to summon you as a Red Phantom invader into their world.


Sold by Titchy Gren for 5,000 souls.


  • You must be human to use the Red Sign Soapstone.
  • The invader spawns in a set location, similar to using a Cracked Red Eye Orb.
  • Matchmaking is determined by Soul Memory and the item used. See Online Matchmaking for more details.
  • Winning or losing a duel from a Red Sign Soapstone does not count toward your Brotherhood of Blood ranking.
  • Wearing the Name-Engraved Ring filters the sign so that it only displays for players with the same god equipped, but it does not affect the Soul Memory range.
  • Writing down your sign in Drangleic Castle may result in you being summoned a gray phantom by Looking Glass Knight.
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