In-Game Description

Hex created by the children of Dark.
Fire multiple Dark orbs that seek their target.

Hexes that grant a fleeting volition to Dark
have existed from ancient times,
and it appears that the children of Dark
have some recollection of the creator
of these spells.

Catalyst: staff


Fire multiple Dark orbs that seek their target. Seeking only occurs on a targeted enemy.

Tracking of the orbs is rather underwhelming. Best used on large/slow enemies or bosses.

Mostly good for PvP as the orbs can pressure enemies into making mistakes and stun them if they hit.


Brume Tower treasure. In the Scorcher tower, search the siderooms after going down the first ladder.


Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots Intelligence Requirement Faith Requirement
Ranged/Dark ~6 N/A 1 35 30

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 6
46 7
94 8
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