Raw Stone
Raw Stone

In-Game Description

An altered state of titanite.
Changes weapon class to Raw.
Cannot be used on shields.

This unusually hard titanite raises a
weapon's physical attack power,
but lowers strength and dexterity bonuses.


Used to infuse weapons with Raw. This reduces stat scaling but increases weapon base damage. Cannot be used on shields.

The upgrade is performed via infusion by the blacksmith Steady Hand McDuff. Weapons infused with Raw gain a large increase to base weapon damage while lowering stat scaling. The Dull Ember is required to perform infusions.


Where to buy:

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Stone Trader Chloanne 7,000 souls 3 after Undead Crypt

Enemy Drops:

Other sources:


  • Most weapons can be infused. Infusion is a one time process that will consume one stone of the element desired.
  • Weapons with no innate stat scaling will have their base damage increased with no negative effects.
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