Rat King Covenant
Rat King Covenant

Covenant Description

As commanded by the the Rat King, members protect the underground from human trespassers. Wearing the Crest of the Rat, you automatically summon trespassers into your world as a Gray Phantom in two specific locations, Grave of Saints and Doors of Pharros. These trespassers are not part of the covenant, and enemies in the area are hostile to the Gray Phantom while being friendly to you.

To succeed in this online encounter, you must slay the Gray Phantom to gain a Rat Tail and a Pharros' Lockstone before they kill you or reach the fog wall at the end of the area.

How to Join

Royal Rat Vanguard OR Royal Rat Authority must be killed before joining the covenant.

Talk to the the Rat King. He gives the player the Crest of the Rat ring. Wearing this ring in the Grave of Saints and Doors of Pharros automatically summons other players to your world for PvP as a Gray Phantom.


Covenant Rewards

Exchange Rat Tails to rank up in the covenant.

Rank Required
Rat Tails
0 0 Crest of the Rat
1 10 10x Small Smooth & Silky Stone
2 20 10x Smooth & Silky Stone
3 35 Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring


  • Bonfire Ascetics can be used to make the covenant areas more difficult for Gray Phantom invaders by strengthening the enemies found in the areas.
  • Using Bonfire Ascetics does not reset Pharros' Contraptions, but the revival of the area boss cuts off access to the Rat King in both Grave of Saints or Doors of Pharros until the boss is defeated.
  • Pharros Lockstones can be used to activate traps (axe throwers and sawblade launchers); close off shortcuts; open new routes; and release extra enemies.


  • This covenant provides a convenient method for farming Pharros' Lockstones as each spawned phantom you kill drops one.
  • Gray Phantoms receive a Lockstone if they win and lose nothing if they die, aside from any resources they used.
  • Through the Rat King's shop, hosts can use poison and corrosion.
  • Enemies killed by invading phantoms can drop loot that the host can pick up.
  • You cannot be summoned as a Gray Phantom while you are a member of this covenant.
  • Matchmaking is determined by Soul Memory and the item used. See Online Matchmaking for more details.


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