PvP Soul Value

PvP Soul Rewards

What determines the amount of Souls dropped by other players in PvP?

The amount of souls awarded in PvP is a fixed amount based on your opponent's level. The amount they are carrying has no effect on what they drop, and is instead a percentage of the cost it took them to reach their current level (from their previous one). A level 100 player will drop some percentage of 13,545 souls, the cost of leveling up from level 99 to 100.

Rewards 10%

In most situations where an invader or hostile phantom kills another player, the invader will receive 10% of the leveling cost. This includes:

Additionally, hosts will also only receive 10% in cases where the PvP is consensual for the host. This includes:

Rewards 37.5%

In most situations where a host defeats a hostile phantom who invaded their world without consent, the host is awarded 37.5% of the leveling cost. This includes:

This category also includes:

Rewards Zero Souls

Killing a host when invading through the Cracked Blue Eye Orb awards the player with 0 souls. The Brotherhood of Blood and Blue Sentinels covenants also do not reward any souls when dueling through their arenas.

Tables Confirming Level

Use the tables below to confirm the level of a defeated opponent based on the amount of souls dropped.

10% Rewards:

37.5% Rewards:

Not Yet Tested

The following PvP perspectives have not yet been tested:

  • Being a hostile phantom that kills a co-op phantom or Blue Sentinel.
  • Being a co-op phantom that kills the various hostile-phantom types.

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