List PSN ID within the table:

PSN ID Description of Friend Request Area/Time Zone
RinnosukeKuto Looking for co-op, tank lvl 212 (tier 37), require help with a certain boss. GMT+1.
Retro_TypeOfGuy I do a lot of Trading and PvP. LOOKING FOR BLACK WITCH VEIL lol EST
KingDeathThe1 Trading - Co-op +3 GMT
Fextris mostly do pvp. ask for a fight, or ask for help. i'll help any way i can. -
Skwiera_Inc general coop, can start new characters and try new builds -
I_Kill_Goombas SunBro +8.00 GMT
Slayeroffrog PVP/Coop -5:00 GMT
Humpernator SunBro/Co-op, always starting new builds -5:00 GMT
meurtier666 if u need friend to start new build with you , am your guy then :p -
Darth45013 i do coop/pvp i am a soul level 297 and know great ways to level up fast and where most stuff is at ng+3 and going to 4 but farming first and doing everything i can first that i didn't do in the others -
Pyronomicon PVP/Coop. Always experimenting with new builds. -
DragonOps-Z_9001 General PvP stuff; I don't play DkS2 very much, but when I do, I'm FashionSouls king. ;) -5 GMT (CST)
BFGM-_CRyZSnip37 Want to help others. ;) +10 GMT (CST)
Sween85 co-op and trade will help anybody anywhere im level 184 and i will use name engraved ring to connect if need be mesage me if u need help :-) -0:00 GMT
MrPugWings PVP Co-op. I will trade. -
MollerDavid PVP/Coop -3:00 GMT
mei_exists Co-op/SunBro & collecting various armor to make my character look cute! Looking to platinum SOTFS so if you have some extra boss souls you don't mind parting with, send them my way!! Feel free to add me! -
JackHarriett Looking for Drakekeeper's Shield (not greatshield). Willing to trade whatever for it. Will also help with PvE/PvP or just take a good kicking if you're Dragon/Blood. SM 8 - 10M. Message my PSN Thanks :) =0:00 GMT
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