Primal Knight


One of the original Primal Knights, this ragged creature went Hollow long ago and now wanders mindlessly with its equipment in tatters from long years of neglect. First created through a dark and forbidden ritual in ages past, the Primal Knights are artificial creatures contrived by a twisted and power-hungry mind. Their susceptibility to the Undead Curse, a trait they share with humans, raises foreboding questions about the rituals through which they were given life…

A healthy, living Primal Knight. These peculiar but unquestionably mighty creatures were recreated by King Vendrick through a long-lost forbidden ritual most likely rediscovered by Lord Aldia; they have been used as guards at Drangleic Castle ever since their revival. The existence of Undead Primal Knights suggests that they are susceptible to the Curse and leads one to wonder if these monstrous beasts were themselves once human…1


Doors of Pharros
Undead Primal Knights.

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 1,180 1,100
2 1,850 2,200
8 3,580 4,400

Drangleic Castle
On the bridge approaching the castle and inside the castle.

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 1,800 1,800
2 2,500 3,600
8 4,770 7,200
  • This enemy comes in rusted and non rusted variants. The rusted ones look rusted like the image, and the non rusted ones have better maintained armor. They drop their rusted or non rusted sets depending on type.


  • Strong against Slash-Type Attacks
  • Average against Strike-Type Attacks
  • Weak against Thrust-Type Attacks
  • Most of their attacks will completely miss if you always dodge or strafe to the weapon hand side.


  • In Water
    • High— Fire Resistance
    • Medium Dark Resistance
    • Low Magic Resistance
    • No Lightning Resistance
  • On Land
    • Medium Dark Resistance
    • Low Fire, Magic and Lightning Resistance


Attack patterns

  • Overhead Strike - Slashes down with its halberd vertically.
  • Horizontal Slash - Slashes with its halberd twice, once left, once right.
  • Shield Smash - Smashes it's shield down on its left.
  • Tusk Charge - Charges forward with its tusks on the ground.
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