Possessed Armor



These suits of armor were once decorations, until the black fog ruling the tower seized control of them.1


Brume Tower
Iron Passage

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,200 1,300
2 1,488 2,600
8 2,950 5,200


  • Strong Dark Resistance
  • Moderate Magic Resistance


  • Moderate Lightning Weakness



  • Greatbow shot. They can raise their greatbow in the air to shoot targets in cover.
  • Overhead flip swing. Leaves them sprawled on the ground, but may follow up with a sudden spin attack.
  • Diagonal swings followed by a thrust.
  • Long Range Sweep if you are at 10 feet or more.


  • In some areas (Majestic Greatsword Tower and the area around the Fume Knight's Arena) they cannot be killed (they will resurrect) unless a specific Ashen Idol (namely, the Ashen Idol that Maldron the Assassin runs toward and the Ashen Idol left of the fog gate) is destroyed.
  • The room immediately behind the Upper Floor bonfire is a great spot to farm Possessed Armors for their drops because there's two of them very close to a fire breathing Minotaur statue. The statue rotates when struck and shoots fire in two opposite directions so you can kill both armors quickly with little effort
  • With a little patience, you can lure them off their ledges in the Iron Passage. Shoot the Armor once with an arrow or spell and then hide behind a wall and it should begin to walk around (may take a few tries). If the Armor is moving, eventually it will end up accidentally walking right off the edge (the time this takes varies). This tactic can be extremely helpful for melee heavy characters or anyone that has a hard time killing them from afar.
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