Poison Stone
Poison Stone

In-Game Description

An altered state of titanite.
Use to imbue weapons with poison,
or to provide poison reduction to shields.

Sorcerers at the Melfian Magic Academy
once attempted to imbue titanite with
various elements, but are said to have failed.

Someone must have succeeded, though;
what else would explain this stone?


Used to infuse weapons and shields with Poison.

The upgrade is performed via infusion by the blacksmith Steady Hand McDuff. Weapons infused with Poison gain Poison Damage while lowering base damage and current scaling. Shields gain Poison resistance while lowering other resistances. The Dull Ember is required to perform infusions.


Where to buy:

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Stone Trader Chloanne 7,000 souls 3 after Undead Crypt

Enemy drops:

Other sources:


  • Most weapons and shields can be infused. Infusion is a one time process that will consume one stone of the element desired.

Infusion Mechanics

The following may not work with boss weapons.

  • Weapon with only physical damage: magic, fire, electric and dark paths will lower the physical damage by 30% and give that value to the chosen elemental damage independently of the weapons level. For example, a Greatsword +1 with 220 physical damage will result in 154 in both physical and elemental damage (220 * 0.7 = 154). A Greatsword +10, with 420 physical damage this time, would result in 294 in both damage types (420 * 0.7 = 294).
  • Weapon with both physical and elemental damage:

    • Same elemental path: If a weapon that already has elemental damage is infused with the same type, the physical damage will be lowered by 5% and the the elemental damage will be increased by 44%. This is because, similar to the below, it lowers the damage by 10% but also increases it by 60%. Math: 0.9 * 1.6 = 1.44

    • Different elemental path: If a weapon that already has elemental damage is infused with a different type, both the elemental and physical damage will be lowered by 10% and the new one will be the 60% of the first elemental damage type.
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