Poison Shooting Statue

aka Poison Maiden Statue

poison statue IMG


Statues that shoot poison when the player passes in front of it.


The Gutter
Black Gulch


  • The statues have many different appearances, making it hard to effectively know which are benign and which will fire poison.
  • It is best to use weapons that do not move the player around too much to destroy the statues. If one misses the strike on the statue and crosses its gaze the player may be subject to unnecessary poisoning. Whips are a good choice; with their long reach and minimal player movement they can safely destroy several statues per attack.
  • Like other environmental objects, the statues stay broken until the zone fully regenerates, e.g. by travel or player death. Just resting at the bonfire does NOT restore them. [Wrong/SOTFS]
  • These statues can be broken by the parrying animation
  • It may be advantageous to break these with a torch, which allows you to reduce the durability damage taken by your primary weapon
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