Poison Arrow

In-Game Description

Arrows imbued with poison.
Tipped with Rotten Pine Resin.

Poisoned foes slowly lose HP over time.


Arrows that cause Poison buildup.
Equip to an arrow slot in the Equipment Menu to fire with a Bow.


Where to Buy

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Lonesome Gavlan 60 souls 20 / ∞ after he moves to Doors of Pharros

Chest and Corpse Locations

  • 20 in a jar near the second bonfire in the Gutter.
  • 15 in a jar in the room with a large amount of spiders that drop down from the ceiling shortly before the The Duke's Dear Freja boss fight.

Enemy Drops

General Information

Icon Name Damage Damage Type Auxiliary Effects
Hb8kcjl.png Poison Arrow 50 Thrust 300 Poison
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