Once the Poison XjoWUSI.png meter is full, HP will begin to drain at a steady rate depending on the method of infliction. Duration is 20 seconds and damage dealt is 1,050-1,100.Toxic AK1lOOe.png is a form of poison that deals more damage. Duration is 20 seconds and damage dealt is 1,485.

Enemy Causes of Poison

Cause of Poison Location Toxic?
Goblin Shaded Woods No
Great Moth Huntsman's Copse No
Rogue archers Huntsman's Copse No
Manikin Earthen Peak No
Dog Rat Doors of Pharros Yes
Poison Shooting Statue The Gutter
Black Gulch
Pyromancer Giant Memory of Orro
Memory of Vammar
Suspicious Shadow No-man's Wharf No
Sanctum Soldier Dragon's Sanctum
Cave of the Dead
Sanctum Priestess Dragon's Sanctum No
Poison Statue Cluster Shulva, Sanctum City No
Scorpioness Najka Shaded Woods Yes
Royal Rat Vanguard Grave of Saints No
Royal Rat Authority Doors of Pharros ?
Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon Dragon's Rest Yes
Poison pools and mists Harvest Valley
Earthen Peak
Containers full of poison Various No
Poison dart mask Drangleic Castle No
Poison mist chest trap Trapped chests No

Player Methods of inflicting Poison

Player Methods of inflicting Toxic

If you intend to wield a weapon that inflicts poison, it's important to be aware of your Poison ATK Bonus stat.

Your Poison ATK Bonus does NOT affect the total amount of damage the poison will do; it only increases the amount of poison buildup you will inflict per hit.

Increasing Poison bonus

Dexterity and Adaptability increase the Poison ATK Bonus stat.

Steady Hand McDuff is able to imbue your weapon with poison with a Poison Stone after you've given him the Dull Ember.

Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet and Crest of the Rat increase poison damage on weapons that have either innate poison or are infused with it:

  • Weapons with innate Poison get 50 points of extra damage.
  • Weapons infused with Poison get 25 points of extra damage.
  • Weapons with innate Poison AND infused with Poison get 60 points of extra damage.
  • These items stack, so wearing both of them and using a Poison-infused weapon grants 2(60) = 120 points of extra damage.

Recovering from Poison

Resisting and Avoiding Poison

Enemies Immune to Poison

Most enemies can be poisoned. However, the following cannot:

Regular Enemies


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