Pilgrims of Dark
Pilgrims of Dark


This covenant allows you to see and enter the Dark Chasms of Old and fight Darklurker.

How to Join

Talk to Darkdiver Grandahl in all three of his locations and exhaust his dialogue. You can visit him in any order.

Black Gulch
Drop down near the two worms, you should see a door. In order to open it, drop down again. Continue into the cave to find two Elite Giants, killing them will give you the Forgotten Key to the door. He can be found behind it.

Shaded Woods
Go right from the Giant Basilisk (after the Shaded Ruins bonfire) until you come to the path to the boss between the two buildings. Instead of going through, look around the nearby grassy area, there is scaffolding where you will drop down to the area with him.

Drangleic Castle
In the room near the first bonfire with six doors you have to active with souls. Activate and go through the last door on the left and you will fall through the floor. The Under Drangleic Castle bonfire will be nearby, as well as Darkdiver Grandahl. He will only give out rank 3 covenant awards in the castle; in all other locations, he will not.


  1. Gain access to the Dark Chasm of Old and Darklurker.
  2. Progress in the covenant for unique rewards: two hexes and the Xanthous Set.
  3. The Dark Chasm of Old has unique invasion mechanics unlike anywhere else, available only to covenant members.

Covenant Rewards

In short, conquer and light the fires in all three Dark Chasms of Old and defeat Darklurker.
Rank Rank Requirement Reward
0 Join covenant. Abyss Seal ring
1 Clear one Dark Chasm of Old. Resonant Soul hex
2 Clear all three Dark Chasms of Old.
Light all three sconces.
Great Resonant Soul hex
3 Defeat Darklurker. Climax hex, Xanthous Set


  • After you initially join the covenant, Darkdiver Grandahl opens the entrance to the Dark Chasm of Old for free, but each entrance visit afterwards costs one Human Effigy. After defeating Darklurker however, all entrances become free and will remain open for that playthrough even after leaving the covenant.
  • After you defeat Darklurker, all entrances will be permanently opened until the next NG+ cycle. Using a Bonfire Ascetic on the Under Castle Drangleic bonfire will revive him, as well as the four phantoms, although the brazier will stay lit. The other two bonfires do not work. This means Darklurker can only be reached by going through the Dark Chasm of Old area in Drangleic Castle. Also, you still need to be a member of the Pilgrims of Dark covenant to enter the portal, but you will not need a human effigy.
  • The dungeons themselves contain multiple abyss phantoms, they will be a mix of tanks, a miracle-casters and a certain specialist (archer, swordsman, sorcerer or pyromancer). They are very fast and deal high damage, and you will often have to fight them simultaneously, so doing this in the endgame is recommended.
  • The goal in these dungeons is to light a sconce with a torch (use a Flame Butterfly). After doing so, find a fog gate that will disable when the last phantom is defeated and drop down into the hole. Instead of falling to your death, you will be transported out of the dungeon.
  • When all three Dungeons are cleared and the fires lit, dropping down will lead to the Darklurker boss fight.
  • You will not receive the Covenant rewards a second time when completing the Chasms in NG+ or above. Only the Dragon Chime will be given after killing Darklurker again

Invading in the Dark Chasm of Old

The Dark Chasm of Old has unique invasion mechanics available only to covenant members. To invade in the covenant, use a Cracked Red Eye Orb or a Red Sign Soapstone while in a Dark Chasm of Old. If using a Cracked Red Eye Orb, you can invade any of the three Chasms regardless of which one you're in. If using a Red Sign Soapstone, it will appear only in the Chasm you placed it, and other players can summon you with it.

When invading through either method, players will spawn as an Abyss Spirit.

  • Players in any of the three Dark Chasms can host up to three invaders at the same time.
  • The NPC enemies will aggro on and attack invaders, not just the host.
  • Invaders can attack the host, NPC phantoms, and other invaders.
  • If an invader deals the finishing blow to any player (either the host or another invader), they fulfill the conditions of their invasion, receive a Bonfire Ascetic and souls, and are returned to their own world. If a host deals the finishing blow to an invader, they also receive a Bonfire Ascetic and souls. If the host dies, only the invader who dealt the killing blow is awarded and all other invaders are returned to their own world.
  • The host cannot leave the area while an invader is present, as the fog wall will not lift until all NPCs and invaders are dead.


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