Petrified Something
Petrified Something

In-Game Description

An unidentified petrified object.
Pleasant to the touch, despite its looks.

A rare and peculiar thing, to be certain,
but one without a known purpose.


Drop in the bird's nest in Things Betwixt to get a random high value item from a pre-determined list. See Dyna and Tillo for details.


Chests and corpse locations:

  • One found in a wooden chest in Earthen Peak, behind an illusory wall near the hidden Mytha bonfire.
  • Three inside a metal chest in Cave of the Dead.
  • Brume Tower treasure, behind a door in the room with the Life Ring +3 chest.
  • (Scholar only) One in a metal chest to the right after killing The Rotten
  • (Scholar only) One on a corpse in the dog area after Gargoyles where Vorgel the Sinner invades.
  • (Bonfire Intensity 2+) Held by the Mimic in Dragon Shrine.
  • (Bonfire Intensity 2+) One found in a chest in the room across from Captain Drummond in Memory of Vammar.

Enemy drops:


  • Starting gift choice.
  • (Lost Crowns DLC promotional event only) Three found in the metal chest in the mansion in Majula, in place of the Soul Vessel.
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