Petrified Dragon Bone
Petrified Dragon Bone

In-Game Description

A large petrified bone.
Reinforces equipment made from special souls.

Commonly called dragon bone, but the
veracity of the name is questionable.
In any case, this petrified bone houses
great power.


Reinforces Boss Soul items to +5. Fifteen bones are needed to reach +5.


Where to buy:

Merchant Sold by Price Stock
Stone Trader Chloanne 17,500 souls Three after Undead Crypt

Enemy drops:

Chest and Corpse locations:

  • One in the locked cell next to Straid of Olaphis in the Lost Bastille. The Bastille Key is needed to open the door. Bonfire Intensity 1 only.
  • One in the furnace before Smelter Demon in Iron Keep - the fire must be turned off on the right side of the building wall by turning the wheel.
  • One on a skeleton Corpse in Iron Keep where the Dull Ember used to be. (Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only)
  • On a platform above the Shaded Ruins bonfire and across the gap in Shaded Woods, inside the chest.
  • One on a corpse behind a cart, close to the Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire.
  • The chest close to the spike walls in Doors of Pharros, after climbing the first ladder on the way to the second bonfire.
  • In a chest after the two Giants in Black Gulch.
  • Next to the portrait of Nashandra in Drangleic Castle. (SoTFS only)
  • On a body in King's Passage at Bonfire Intensity 2+.
  • One in the Shrine of Amana after the third bonfire.
  • One in Undead Crypt near the second bonfire.
  • Three in total are found in Aldia's Keep: the first one on a corpse that is to your left if you are entering from the King's Gate; the second one is in the Mirror Squire room; the third one is on a corpse in the acid pool with two Hunting Dogs, along with Soul Geyser.
  • One under some eggs at the end of a side path before the second dragon in Dragon Aerie (2x on Bonfire Intensity 2+).
  • Three in a wooden chest found by shooting the switch on the ceiling in the hallway after the first two Sanctum Knights in Dragon's Sanctum. (a metal chest in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.)
  • Three in the right wooden chest after the wall spike trap staircase in Dragon's Sanctum.
  • Three on the ground in the area with the the Imperfect's in Dragon's Sanctum.
  • Eight can be found in a metal chest behind a hidden wall near the Foyer bonfire in Brume Tower. Does not reset with bonfire ascetic.
  • Two are near the ladder in the Scorcher tower in Brume Tower.

Other sources:

Farming Guide

  • They can be farmed by using Bonfire Ascetics at the bonfire in Dragon Aerie. The tricky part is killing the dragons that guard all the Crystal Lizards. Your first run should be dedicated to killing the dragons, preferably with magic or some sort of ranged attack, then run through again killing all of the Lizards and getting all of their loot. You get at least five Petrified Dragon Bones every run along with some other useful materials like Twinkling Titanite.
    • Four of the Crystal Lizards around the area drop a Bone: three near the first dragon, one near the second.
    • One is on the ground near the second dragon, see above.
    • The dragons have a chance to drop them, while in SoTFS, one of the dragons is guaranteed to drop one.
    • (SoTFS) The Guardian Dragons do not wake up unless you attack them, break eggs near them, or get too close while wearing the Moon Butterfly Set. Enemies breaking eggs does not seem to wake them (for example, a Crystal Lizard broke some while running away and the dragon remained sleeping). If you are careful you can kill the Crystal Lizards without waking the dragons. One of the dragons will drop one, and they can all be sniped from a safe location, so it might make sense just to kill them anyway.
  • Another way to get them early in the game is to burn Ascetics at the Shaded Ruins bonfire and go grab the one Dragon Bone in the chest near the bonfire. The second one is obtained by killing the Giant Basilisk, you might need to take out some of the Lion Clan Warriors. Also, there are three Twinkling Titanite you might want to pick up in the cave where you found Ornifex.
  • Another very, very quick way to get some Bones is to go to the Lair of the Imperfect bonfire in Dragon's Sanctum and use Ascetics after you pick up the three by the entrance to the area. You can quickly run back and forth from the bonfire to the Petrified Dragon Bones, getting three at a time. The Imperfect enemies walking around also have a chance to drop Petrified Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales and Titanite Slabs.
  • Bell Keeper's Covenant has a low chance of drop of either Titanite Slab, Petrified Dragon Bone, or Twinkling Titanite.


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