Petrification will cause the player to turn to stone, instantly killing them. Death by petrification results in temporarily losing 20% of max health instead of the normal 5%.

Enemy Causes of Petrification

Cause of Petrification Location
Undead Citizen
(yellow core)
The Lost Bastille
Basilisk Multiple locations
Giant Basilisk Multiple locations
Corpse Rat Grave of Saints
Rabid Kobold Aldia's Keep
Petrifying Statue Cluster Cave of the Dead
Petrifying Statue Cave of the Dead
Petrifying Mist Trap Cave of the Dead

Resisting and Avoiding Petrification

  • Increase the Adaptability and Vigor stats, which raise Petrify Resist
  • Use a Triclops Snake Troches (increases resistance by 200 points for 90 seconds)
  • Cast Perseverance (increases resistance by 300 points for 120 seconds)
  • Cast Iron Flesh (increases resistance by 200 points for 25 seconds).
  • Equip the Ash Knuckle Ring (increases resistance by 400 points)
  • Equip the Ring of Resistance (increases resistance by 120/200 points)
  • Equip Yorgh's Spear (increases resistance by 70 points)
  • Equip various Petrify-resistant armors
  • Block with shields that have high Petrify resist
  • To completely nullify petrification, equip the Ring of Soul Protection. After the status bar is filled, the ring will break and discard the status, thus allowing you to proceed.
  • To avoid losing souls and decreasing max health, equip the Ring of Life Protection. It will not save you from petrification, but after you die it will break, allowing you to keep your souls and human form, as after usual death.


  • Players cannot cause petrification.
  • NPCs who are found petrified can be cured with a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Non-petrified NPCs who have petrification inflicted upon them will die.
  • If signed into online the statues of other players may be found
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