Peculiar Kindalur

A strange man of unknown origins who will invade the player a short distance past Rhoy's Resting Place in the Shrine of Amana. While his name and appearance suggest an eclectic character, his talent with magic is unquestionable and he will attack with a diverse arsenal of dangerous spells.1


Shrine of Amana
After Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire, pass through the passage blocked by the Giant Acid Horn Beetle and enter the water. Reach the centre and he will spawn. In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, he will spawn in the pathway lined with pillars.


1. Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Guide description

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 2,250 2,000
2 3,400 5,200
8 5,700 10,400
Weakness Effectiveness
Strike ?
Thrust ?
Slash ?
Projectile 100%
Resistance Reduction
Fire ?
Magic ?
Lightning ?
Dark ?
Status Ailment Susceptible?
Poison Yes
Toxic Yes
Bleed Yes
Attack Parryable? Blockable? Notes
Dark Hail Spell Parry Yes -
Dark Orb Spell Parry Yes -
Homing Soul Arrow Spell Parry Yes -
Crystal Soul Spear Spell Parry Yes -
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