In-Game Description

A Pyromancy of Nadalia, Bride of Ash.
Spouts multiple Dark Flames.

This Child of Dark, bearing inconceivable
strength, found herself in a kingless land
devoid of souls. And in journeying there, has
all but condemned herself to a fate most wretched.


Summon huge towers of very powerful black flames that inflict both high Fire and Dark damage upon an enemy; strongest and fastest version of Firestorm.


Trade the True Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash to Straid of Olaphis with 45,000 souls.


Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots
Fire/AoE 1-2 N/A 2

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
12-93 1
94 2


  • This Pyromancy is required to achieve the Master of Pyromancy Trophy/Achievement (as of Scholar of the First Sin).
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