Old Mundane Stone
Old Mundane Stone

In-Game Description

An altered state of titanite.
use to imbue weapons with power of the mundane.
Cannot be used on shields.

People do not look favorably on the banal,
but sometimes even the most mundane of objects
can cast things in a most pleasant light.


Used to infuse weapons with the power of the Mundane. See details below.

The upgrade is performed via infusion by the blacksmith Steady Hand McDuff. Weapons infused with Mundane gain a special scaling with your lowest stat while lowering base damage and removing current scaling. The Dull Ember is required to perform infusions.


Where to buy:

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Stone Trader Chloanne 7,000 souls 3 after Undead Crypt

Enemy drops:

Other sources:

  • Two hidden inside an ash statue in Brume Tower, after opening the first set of large doors.
  • One of the items that can be received from Dyna and Tillo in Things Betwixt.
  • Found in Doors of Pharros on a corpse with Gyrm Great hammer (unconfirmed)


  • Most weapons can be infused. Infusion is a one time process that will consume one stone of the element desired.
  • Cuts base damage in half for all damage types. Removes normal scaling for all damage types, but physical damage gains the special scaling explained below.
    • Crossbows, however, lose 85% of their base damage when Mundane infused.
    • As of Calibration 1.11, Daggers lose approximately 25% of standard Mundane scaling (depends on the dagger). A level 20, Mundane infused Dagger gives a level bonus of 127(74.7% of 170) , instead of 170. A level 99, Mundane infused Dagger gives a level bonus of 187(74.7% of 250) , instead of 250. Several daggers have different adjustments. For example the Shadow Dagger only loses 20% of the standard Mundane scaling. And the Bandit's Knife loses more than 25%, as the bonus is spread between damage and bleed.
  • Bonus physical damage is a flat 50 added to the scaling factor of the lowest stat (i.e. (50+(6*4))=50+24=74).
  • For weapons with native elemental damage, the mundane infusion will lower the base elemental damage and the elemental damage scaling. It will not add any additional bonus elemental damage that scales off the lowest stat.
  • Mundane infusion is almost always worse in terms of pure damage than the standard path, even at very high levels, because mundane scaling doesn't offset the loss of damage from halving base damage, losing normal scaling and the access to Flynn's Ring (as you go over 14 vitality). It also halves damage from weapon buffs, as they scale with base damage only.

Scaling Table

Lowest Player Stat Scaling Bonus
4 74
5 80
6 86
7 92
8 98
9 104
10 110
11 116
12 122
13 128
14 134
15 140
16 146
17 152
18 158
19 164
20 170
21 173
22 176
23 179
24 182
25 185
26 188
27 191
28 194
29 197
30 200
31 201
32 202
33 203
34 204
35 205
36 206
37 207
38 208
39 209
40 210
41 211
50 225
99 250
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