Old Leo Ring
old leo ring

In-Game Description

The beloved ring of a dragon-slaying knight.
Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks.

After many years of use, the ring's face has
worn down, but close inspection reveals an
engraved lion.


Dropped by the Old Dragonslayer.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Old Leo Ring Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks by 12.5% 110 0.5


  • Unlike in Dark Souls 1, elemental damage also receives a counter bonus in Dark Souls 2, making this ring effective even if you are using weapons that are infused with an elemental attack type.
  • Contrary to the description this ring affects all thrust-type attacks, not only thrusting weapons, thus it also affects spears, halberds's attacks from behind shields, thrusting attacks of any swords if they are present in the moveset, the Pickaxe and even bows and greatbows since arrows deal thrust damage as well.
  • This ring does NOT affect ripostes and backstabs as they use their own damage calculations and are not considered counter attacks.
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