Old Knight
Old Knight


These giant warriors are relics of an era that has long passed. Whether they attack you out of madness or merely as a trial for would-be Knights of the Blue will matter little if they manage to cut you down, though, so stay alert. If you do intend to enlist as a Knight of the Blue, you'll require the power of the Cracked Blue Eye Orbs they hold, so consider this your rite of initiation.1


Heide's Tower of Flame

Greatsword & Shield
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 700 400
2 1,550 800
8 2,800 1,600
Ultra Greatsword
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 520 400
2 1,175 800
8 2,150 1,600
Great Hammer
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 850 400
2 1,800 800
8 3,450 1,600

Scholar of the First Sin Only

Shrine of Amana

One Greathammer wielding short after the second bonfire
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~1600 700
2 ~3470 1400
8 3,450 1,600


  • Strike: ~165%
  • Slash: ~110%
  • Thrust: ~90%


  • Medium Magic and Lightning resistance
  • Low Fire and Dark resistance
  • Immune to Bleed and Poison


And where appropriate:


Greatsword & Shield

  • Overhead chop, swing to the right, wide horizontal sweep towards the left.
  • The above, but finishing with a surprise forward thrust. Telegraphed by the 3-hit combo being slightly faster than usual.

Ultra Greatsword and Great Hammer

  • One slow vertical smash with a long recovery.
  • Two short vertical "taps" followed by a twisting horizontal sweep with nearly a 360° radius.
  • Horizontal slash.
  • Great Hammer users might end their attacks with an upward thrust.


  • They track you very slowly. Circle behind them once they telegraph an attack.
  • While their aim isn't the best, they have a lot of extremely wide sweeping swings. Getting cocky is liable to give you a hit to the forehead.
  • When you enter the rotunda with the two swordsmen and single two-hander, the two will pull back to guard the exits once you aggro the middle one. Don't get too close and they won't interfere until he's dead. When the knights on either side aggro, you can split them up by running to the doorway that leads to the Cathedral of Blue (on your left).


  • The one wielding a Great Hammer next to the bonfire does not respawn.
    • Another hammer-wielding Knight spawns in the room with three other Knights at Bonfire Intensity 2+ and does not respawn.
  • There are no Old Knights with pikes, halberds or greatshields.
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