Old Firekeepers
Old Firekeepers


The three old women Strowen, Morrel and Griant can be found in Things Betwixt.

The retired Firekeepers are the first NPCs encountered after starting a New Game.
Entering their home automaticly triggers the Character Creation event and restores
your Humanity via a Human Effigy by Strowen during the cutscene.

If you return here in possession of a Soul Vessel and speak with Strowen, she will use it
to help you reallocate your character's Soul Levels.





Hah hah hah…

You must go, on a journey without rest.
Well… I suppose, if you find yourself at an impasse.
But if your will is yet unbroken, then you may return here.
To start again, with a clean slate… Heh heh…

Now, go along, go along… Heh heh…

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