Old Dragonslayer


It appears that we still haven't seen the last of Lord Gwyn's mighty knights - Dragonslayer Ornstein appears before us once more. But this time, he's alone, and something seems… odd. Instead of the lightning powers that he once possessed, he attacks with the power of Darkness. Is this truly the same proud knight we faced in Lordran so long ago? If so, the flow of time is distorted, indeed. If not, then where else could this Old Dragonslayer have come from?


  • Devotee Scarlett
    • Found near the staircase on the route to the Cathedral. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only.


Location Description
Cathedral of Blue Found in the cathedral at the end of Heide's Tower of Flame.
Weakness Percentage Resistance Percentage
Strike 100% Fire 45%
Thrust 100% Magic 45%
Slash 100% Lightning 45%
Projectile 100% Dark 65%
Poison Susceptible
Bleed Susceptible
Drop Rarity Notes
Old Dragonslayer Soul Guaranteed -
Old Leo Ring Guaranteed -
Attack Description Parryable Blockable
Spear Stab Stabs his spear towards the player. Can occur whilst jumping. Yes Yes
Upwards Slash Follows a Spear Stab. Yes Yes
Horizontal Slash Follows a Spear Stab. No Yes
Spear Slash Slashes his spear across the player. Can occur twice. No Yes
Crush Drops down to the ground, attempting to crush the player. Can occur whilst jumping. No No
Charge Dahes forward with his spear pointed towards the player. No Yes
Impale When close, he will attempt a stab with a longer windup. If he hits the player is skewered and electrocuted. No No
Dark Slam Jumps into the air, emenating with Dark. Once he lands the Dark is released. No No
Dark Bolt Raises his spear, imbues it with Dark and throws the a Dark Bolt at the player. Spell-parry No


Dodging and Blocking

With a high physical resist and stability shield you can stick close to the Dragonslayer and circle him counterclockwise.

You can easily block all of his normal attacks and the only thing you'll need to run away from is his area of effect Dark attack.

Pay close attention to his opening lunge strike with the spear as it does tremendous damage to low level characters.


Most of his attacks can be dodged by rolling behind him. Staying as close as you can to him is usually the best course of action due to the fact that he likes to lunge at the player if you're far.

The only attack that you have to watch out for from close is when he begins charging his Dark AoE attack. He will jump into the air and land on the ground releasing an energy wave that can damage you from a good distance. Roll away when you see him doing this.


  • Some of his attacks can be parried, but not riposted. His stun from the initial parry is extremely short and has a very quick recovery.


New Game HP Souls
0 {$hp_ng0_v1} {$souls_ng0_v1}
1 {$hp_ng1_v1} {$souls_ng1_v1}
2 {$hp_ng2_v1} {$souls_ng2_v1}
3 {$hp_ng3_v1} {$souls_ng3_v1}
4 {$hp_ng4_v1} {$souls_ng4_v1}
5 {$hp_ng5_v1} {$souls_ng5_v1}
6 {$hp_ng6_v1} {$souls_ng6_v1}
7 {$hp_ng7_v1} {$souls_ng7_v1}
Physical Weaknesses
Standard {$standard_weakness_v1}
Strike {$strike_weakness_v1}
Slash {$slash_weakness_v1}
Thrust {$thrust_weakness_v1}
Elemental Weaknesses
Magic {$magic_weakness_v1}
Fire {$fire_weakness_v1}
Lightning {$lightning_weakness_v1}
Dark {$dark_weakness_v1}
Bleed {$bleed_immunity_v1}
Poison {$poison_immunity_v1}
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