Northern Ritual Band
northern ritual band

In-Game Description

One of the secret treasures restored in Aldia.
Increases spell uses.

This modest-looking ring contains
very powerful magic. To imagine
what unspeakable deeds were performed
to create such rings, one need only recall
the cruel fate of the residents of Aldia.


Northern Ritual Band

Sinner's Rise treasure. Once you have descended the elevator into the flooded area with the Enhanced Undead, go immediately right and find the illusory wall.

Northern Ritual Band +1

Acquired from either speaking to Carhillion of the Fold with at least 30 Intelligence or by killing him.

Northern Ritual Band +2

In Aldia's Keep, up the first large staircase and guarded by three Mirror Squires.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Northern Ritual Band Increases spell uses by 10%, but reduces HP by 20% 120 0.5
Northern Ritual Band +1 Increases spell uses by 20%, but reduces HP by 35% 90 0.8
Northern Ritual Band +2 Increases spell uses by 30%, but reduces HP by 50% 75 1.0
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