No-man's Wharf

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Flexile Sentry Carhillion of the Fold
Lonesome Gavlan
Lucatiel of Mirrah
Estus Flask Shard
Emit Force
Bandit Axe
Brigand Set
Ring of Life Protection (DS II only)
Royal Soldier's Ring
Pyromancy Flame
Hollow Infantry
Varangian Sailor
Dark Stalker
Stray Dog
Crystal Lizard
Bonfire Intensity 2+ only enemies:
Suspicious Shadow
Roaming Soul Aurous Knight
Scholar of the First Sin:
Undead Laborer
Rusted Primal Knight
Varangian Set
Varangian Sword
Varangian Shield
Sea Bow
Hollow Infantry Set
Bandit's Knife
Short Bow
Tattered Cloth Set
Shadow Set
Shadow Dagger
Malformed Claws


A darkened port of call for seabound ships.

Much of the area is covered in shadow, so it may be worth bringing a torch (and a Pharros Lockstone) with you.



  • Unseen Path to Heide
    After leaving the damp tunnels from Heide's Tower, the bonfire is near many stalagmites.


Completionist Guide

No-Man's Wharf Map (Japanese)

Item Guide Part I

Item Guide Part II

Video Walkthrough - All items and Boss Fight

Cross the bridge from the bonfire after the Dragonrider fight in Heide's Tower of Flame, and head down the spiral staircase. Before exiting the room, head around and underneath the staircase to find a Monastery Charm. Continuing forward, you will fight a greatsword-wielding Old Knight, then one with a sword and shield. Try not to kill the one with the Greatsword before getting too close to the other. If you head along the path where the sword-and-shield Old Knight was standing, you will find a few dead bodies holding Dark Troches and an Old Knight Halberd. Continue through the area to the right.

After descending the stairs and exiting into the bigger room, you can either head right or left. Left is a dead end, so head right and kill the Old Knight in the way. Go down the elevator to the flooded area. Continue down the path, but be careful of the Old Knight on your left. Head up the staircase behind him and head to the right for a treasure chest containing the Knight Set of armor. In SotFS, the Old Knight is replaced by several hollows hidden in the water and a Basilisk, there's a petrified hollow blocking stairs. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to get past him and pick up the Estus Flask Shard on the corpse nearby, behind the Rusted Primal Knight.

Go back down the stairs to where you fought the Old Knight and continue along the hallway. Head through the hole in the wall to reach a bonfire.

Bonfire: Unseen Path to Heide

The woman standing next to the bonfire is Lucatiel of Mirrah.** Talk to her a few times to exhaust her dialogue and get her to warm up to you, allowing you to summon her for future boss fights. Continue out into the wharf, but as you do, be wary of the body on the ground to your left, as it is an enemy playing dead. Ignore the enemy shooting arrows for now and head straight into the room with the light and a few tables. Two hollows will attack, one from either side, so be careful. Go up the stairs for a chest containing a Titanite Shard. Go out onto the balcony and kill the enemy there, then grab the Soul of a Proud Knight. Head towards the enemy shooting arrows at you. When you fight him, the portion of the bridge might collapse, but don't fret. You won't have to backtrack or anything, but you might pull the aggro of a few enemies at once, rather than one at a time.

Start heading across the bridge left of the archer, grabbing the Large Soul of a Lost Undead and the Lifegem in the water to the left along the way. If he hasn't yet, an enemy dual wielding swords will attack you. He is weak and can be stunlocked pretty easily, but he can dish out quite a bit of damage if you get caught in a combo. Head into the shack on the left for Dark Pine Resin x3. Ignore the stairs leading up for now. There is an enemy in the other shack, but nothing else. In the building to the right of that, there is a Dark Stalker enemy. These can be very dangerous due to their far reaching attacks, so try to bait them into attacking, roll past, then combo from behind, and repeat. Additionally, Dark Stalkers are afraid of light, so light a torch and chase them back, then finish them off with a weapon. In the building containing the Dark Stalker, there are a measly ten Iron Arrows.

Go up the staircase in between the shacks. There is a small doorway on the left. It doesn't lead to anything (there is another hollow waiting there, kill the hollow and then break the shelf, it leads to a hidden copse with Ring of Life Protection)***; it just provides an alternate path to the top. Be careful of all the enemies at the top. It is easy to be overwhelmed, so retreat down the staircase and pick them off as necessary. Midway, head to the right, instead. Kill the hollowed soldier and the dog, and be careful of the archer on the roof. Before heading left into the building, head right to where a Pharros Lock can be found. Activation of the Pharros Lock lights up the giant lantern over this area giving protection from Dark Stalker attacks. If you walk off behind the Pharros Lock, you can find a corpse with three Smooth and Silky Stones and a Large Soul of a Proud Knight. Head back around and into the building with the archer. On the ground floor, there are three hollows, with two playing dead at a table to your left. Dispatch them, then head behind the bar on your left to find a chest containing a Bandit Axe and the Brigand Armor set. Go upstairs, but be careful of the enemy that will drop down behind you. If you run up quickly enough, you can attack him before he turns around to come after you. Grab the chest he was standing in front of for a Repair Powder and a Titanite Shard. On the balcony, kill the archer and notice the door on your left. This is a shortcut that can be accessed later from the other side. Drop down from the balcony.

Go back to the staircase in between the shacks and continue up. The building on your left with a hole in the face leads to a dead end, so ignore it and head right. Go past the other building with a hole in the front, as it also contains nothing, and head up the stairs alongside it, which lead to several Dark Stalker enemies. The dead body on the ledge to the right after the third Dark Stalker is holding a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and the Emit Force miracle. Head into the building opposite the dead body, but be careful, as there will be several Dark Stalkers that burst through the left wall inside as you try to access the door. Lure them out so as not to get pinned against a wall. After killing all four Dark Stalkers inside the building, go into the room upstairs to find two chests. The one on the left contains a Greatsword. The one on the right has two Silver Talismans, but be very careful, as it also contains an arrow trap that will trigger when you open it, so put your shield up and try to get slightly to the left or right to stand between the arrows. In this room, you will also find Lonesome Gavlan for the first time. Gavlan is a merchant that will sell you several items, but more importantly, will buy items no longer needed from you in exchange for souls. This is a great way to get something back for the items you know you will never use or duplicates of an item. It is also recommended to buy the Ring of Giants that he sells for 5,000 souls, which increases poise, as it is likely that you don't have many rings at this point in the game, and this one is quite useful. Also, it would help to buy some poison attack items like the throwing knives or the Rotten Pine Resin for the upcoming boss fight.

After wheeling and dealing with Gavlan, exit the building and continue along the path. Go up the stairs in the next building, killing the hollows along the way, to find a lever. Pull this lever to cause the ghost ship to reposition itself closer to you. Roll down to the area left of the lever to find a generous corpse who kindly relinquishes its two Lifegems and its Homeward Bone. Turn around and face the area you dropped from and fall down to another platform with a doorway. On the stairs is a body holding some Fire Arrows. Downstairs, two Dark Stalkers wait for you. Exit and walk to the right down the rocky slope to an area where you can light your torch to help fight the Dark Stalkers you find nearby. Go into the small building just beyond that fire. Up against the wall under the staircase, there is an illusory wall, so walk up to it and press X (A on XB360) to find one chest containing three Firebombs and another with a Large Titanite Shard. Go upstairs and interact with the pullchain to open the aforementioned shortcut to the earlier areas of the wharf. Exit this building.

Before going down where the Dark Stalker was to get to the ghost ship, head left into a room with two hollows playing dead at a table and several jars of poison. On the right is a chest with an Estus Flask Shard. Immediately to the left of this chest, you will notice a section of the wall looks a bit out of place. Attack it to break it down, yielding a nice little hidden treasure trove. Kill the Crystal Lizard for its ore, then grab the Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Lifegem x3, Fading Soul, and Royal Soldier's Ring on the bodies and in the chest, respectively. Lastly, Throwing Knife x7 and a Flame Butterfly await behind two more poison jars in this room. Exit, and continue on towards the ghost ship.

Grab the Human Effigy and Lifegem x2 on the dead body draped across the sunken rowboat in the shallow water, but be wary of the enemy to the right of it. There are a couple enemies hanging off the side of the bridge that will ambush you as you pass, so pay heed. Before going towards the ghost ship, go right along the bridge, then left to the platform. Here, you will find Carhillion of the Fold, who will sell you spells and sorcery-related items, but only if you talk to him with at least 8 INT (the Ring of Knowledge can not be used to meet this requirement). Be sure to exhaust his dialogue fully to get him to relocate to Majula. When finished, go to the ghost ship.

On the deck of the ship, four hollows will attack, so take them out and go inside the ship. Through the fog gate is the boss fight.

Quicker Route

There is a much quicker route through No-man's Wharf if you do not wish to get all of the loot. First you must use a bow or crossbow to snipe the bell that summons the ship containing the Flexile Sentry. After which you continue normally through the area activating the light using the Pharros' Lockstone as described above if you wish. After which you will go up the stairs and walking towards the house containing Lonesome Gavlan. Right before this there you will see a item on a small outcropping this is the miracle Emit Force and after collecting it turn right and look down and you will see a wooden ledge below you. You have to walk off the outcropping so that you land on the ledge and then fall down to the next ledge and finally the ground. If you do this correctly you will take very little damage and you will be right before the staircase leading to the dock that connects to the ship. After that you just continue and fight the Flexile Sentry as the next section details. This path is for those who dislike the area and just wish to get it over with and will get you done in about 5 minutes if that if you kill the boss on the first try. This route is not faster than the shortcut but you do have to fight less enemies and as such you can just sprint through.

Boss Fight: Flexile Sentry

The Flexile Sentry is an enemy with two torsos sharing a pair of legs. One side of him has scimitars, which attack quickly. The other side has two clubs, which are slower, but do more damage. Since he has no back, try to stay close, bait him into attacking, then move to his side and combo a bit, then back off. The pillar in the middle of the room can be useful for separating you from the boss, especially if you don't have a 100% Phys Reduction shield. The poison items make this fight go much more quickly, so try to use them. After two minutes the water in the room will begin to rise. It won't kill you, but it will make it much harder to move around, so try to kill him as quickly as possible.

After the Flexile Sentry is dead, be sure to get the treasure chest in the room up the ladder for a Pyromancy Flame and the Fireball pyromancy, then interact with the compass to be taken to the Lost Bastille.


  • The summon sign of Lucatiel of Mirrah can be found next to the pullchain for the shortcut gate.

** SotfS: Lucatiel is located in a room after you climbed the first set of stairs an then left into a building. Same Room where you can find 3 Human Effigy behind a destroyable wardrobe
*** 3 Human Effigy

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