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New Game Plus in Dark Souls II offers new content that cannot be experienced in New Game, unlike Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

After defeating the final boss, the final cutscene and credits roll after which the player is placed back in Majula, still in their current playthrough. To progress to NG+ you will need to rest at the Far Fire bonfire and select Journey 2 to Drangleic.

In addition to new content, enemies and bosses become harder and additional souls are rewarded for defeating them. All soul levels and inventory items (except items stated below) carry over to New Game Plus.

Items removed from your inventory when you start your next journey into Drangleic:

Before beginning Journey 2 to Drangleic

  • Farm or buy any upgrade materials you may want
  • Defeat any remaining optional bosses such as Darklurker or Old Dragonslayer
  • Trade any Boss souls for weapons or spells with Straid of Olaphis or Weaponsmith Ornifex
  • Infuse any weapons you want with Steady Hand McDuff
  • Join any covenant you want to be in during the next game cycle (as many, such as the Brotherhood of Blood and Heirs of the Sun, are not available until later in the game).
  • Resolve any unfinished NPC questlines that were not failed outright, such as those belonging to Benhart of Jugo or Aldia.

Changes in NG+

Bonfire Intensity and Scaling

Entering the next New Game Plus cycle will increase the intensity of all bonfires by 1, which increases the scaling of enemy stats. If no Bonfire Ascetics are used, all bonfires in NG+ will have an intensity of 2, and all bonfires in NG+7 will have an intensity of 8.

Bonfire Intensity can be increased to 99, though enemy stat increases max out at 8 (NG+7).
You can still burn Bonfire Ascetics after reaching Bonfire Intensity 99, everything will respawn as normal but the number will not go up anymore.

Enemy Souls Dropped

Bonfire Intensity Souls
1 x 1
2 x 2
3 x 2.5
4 x 2.75
5 x 3
6 x 3.25
7 x 3.5
8 x 4

Enemy HP

HP increase varies from enemy to enemy. Values found so far have either been equal to or less than the souls multiplier.

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