aka Hollow Mage (Black)



The origin of these Necromancers is unknown, but it is possible that they served the Old King during the Undead Hunts in this forest. They are found near Skeleton Lords' domain - perhaps they now serve them as their new masters.1


Huntsman's Copse
They dwell in the cave just after the Undead Lockaway bonfire.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 320 550
2 640 1,100
8 1,027 2,200

Undead Purgatory
They hide in various small nooks around the boss room.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 500 550
2 900 1,100
8 1,740 2,200


  • High Magic Resistance
  • Medium Fire, Lightning and Dark Resistance





  • Every Skeleton in the area belongs to a Necromancer and as long as the master is still alive, the skeletons will keep reviving.
  • They only spawn once per playthrough but the ones located in the Executioner's Chariot room WILL respawn as long as you don't kill the boss. After killing both necromancers, use a Homeward Bone to warp back to the bonfire and then run back to the boss's room to kill them again, rinse and repeat as needed.
  • Alternatively, after killing the necromancers you could exit the game through the menu. When you load in you will be placed at the boss's fog door, eliminating the need to run back every time.
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