Name-engraved Ring
name-engraved ring

In-Game Description

A special ring that can be engraved
with the name of a god.
Becomes easier to connect to worlds
of players who choose the same god.

There are countless vestiges of long-lost
gods in the ruins of Drangleic.
Or perhaps they are the very same gods
as ours, only known by different names.


Sold by Sweet Shalquoir for 5,500 souls.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Name-engraved Ring Filters co-op and PvP signs so that they are only sent amongst players with the same god equipped.
Expands the Soul Memory range for the Small and regular White Sign Soapstones.
130 0.2

Consult the Online Matchmaking page for more information.


  • When equipped a small window will prompt asking what god do you want the ring to favor. The ring will only affect the players pledged to these gods.
  • Suppresses all summon signs that don't have the same god chosen.
  • Suppresses NPC summon signs.
  • This ring will not conflict any god pledges upon invasions.

List of gods

Icon God Description
civwHBM.png Nehma Goddess of Love
nQqmydx.png Caitha Goddess of Tears
ZkY8rwZ.png Galib God of Disease
D7fREWY.png Kremmel God of Struggle
5pv6prD.png Evlana Goddess of the Hunt
KxCxSd0.png Hanleth Goddess of Bliss
MXQijdR.png Nahr Alma God of Blood
qIMBNiu.png Zinder God of Desire
u99Rt82.png Quella God of Dream
c6VOc3i.png Caffrey Goddess of Fortune

To view an expanded version of the above table with other item references visit the Gods page.

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