Multiplayer Items


Icon Name Use Availability
CwGbopx.png Red Sign Soapstone Place a Red Soul Sign to be summoned as a hostile Phantom Sold by Titchy Gren for 5,000 souls.
uprZICN.png Small White Sign Soapstone Place a White Soul Sign to be summoned as a friendly Shade
(short duration)
Forest of Fallen Giants treasure,
chest in a room above Merchant Hag Melentia.
ToXBaAi.png White Sign Soapstone Place a White Soul Sign to be summoned as a friendly Phantom
(long duration)
Given by Mild-Mannered Pate.
27AP3lv.png Dragon Eye Place a Dragon Soul Sign to be summoned
as a hostile Dragon Phantom
Join the Dragon Remnants Covenant


Icon Name Use Availability
ruS3chd.png Bell Keeper's Seal Summons you to defend the Bell Keepers' domain. Bell Keepers covenant gift
kz3saxw.png Blue Seal Summons members of the Blue Sentinels covenant upon being invaded. Increases max HP by 3%. Way of Blue covenant gift
q2EtVGH.png Crest of the Rat Automatically summons intruders of the Rat King's territory into your world. Increases poison attack. Rat King covenant gift
hjDsIGB.png Guardian's Seal Automatically summons you to other worlds to protect Way of Blue members from invading phantoms. Blue Sentinels covenant gift
aZIJjMd.png Name-Engraved Ring Makes it easier to connect to players who chose the same god. Sold by Sweet Shalquoir

Invasion Orbs

Icon Name Use Availability
WlcRgkv.png Cracked Red Eye Orb Invade other worlds Reward for winning a Brotherhood of Blood duel.
Sold by Titchy Gren in NG+ for 10,000 souls.
Things Betwixt treasure.
Rare drop from Torturer in Huntsman's Copse.
Drop from the Enslaved Pig in Majula.
gCQpPx5.png Cracked Blue Eye Orb Invade the world of the guilty Reward for winning a Blue Sentinels duel.
Sold by Blue Sentinel Targray in NG+ for 10,000 souls.
Drop from Old Knights in Heide's Tower of Flame.

Covenant Upgrade Items

Icon Name Use Availability
J6Py8MB.png Awestone Upgrade your Company of Champions level Guaranteed drop from Red Phantom invaders, both NPCs and players.
Dropped by many enemies.
You have to be in the Company of Champions covenant to receive this item as a drop.
18oOP5Q.png Rat Tail Upgrade your Rat King Covenant level Kill a Gray Phantom that you draw to your world.
Royal Rat Authority drop.
Royal Rat Vanguard drop.
Rare drop from Corpse Rats and Dog Rats
BykCSr8.png Sunlight Medal Upgrade your Heirs of the Sun level Defeat the area boss when summoned as a Gold Phantom.
Rare drop from Mounted Overseer in Harvest Valley.
Rare drop from Falconers in Things Betwixt, in NG+ or above.
uOqx6IR.png Dragon Scale Upgrade your Dragon Remnants level Reward after winning a duel between Dragon Remnants members using the Dragon Eye.
Dragonfang Villard drop
Aldia's Keep treasure, on a corpse after the Guardian Dragon, before the elevator.
Rare drop from Dragon Knights in the Dragon Shrine.


Icon Name Use Availability
sET5tnb.png Black Separation Crystal Banish phantoms as a host
Return to your world as a phantom
Default inventory
IBQcKWS.png Bone of Order Restores link to other worlds Default inventory
ZHE7Fvo.png Champion's Tablet View the 100 highest ranked members
of the covenant and how many Awestones they offered.
Join the Company of Champions Covenant
Oxu5W9W.png Dried Fingers Use to reset the invasion timer. Not consumed on use. Found in the Undead Crypt near Undead Ditch bonfire.
Nvbpk2L.png Token of Fidelity Required to join Blue Sentinels Covenant.
Blue Sentinels members may use a token to duel one another.
Heals the host when used by a White Phantom.
Awarded to White Phantoms who succesfully assist a host.
Huntsman's Copse treasure, on a small pillar across a chasm near second bonfire.
Hzgm7qy.png Token of Spite Required to join Brotherhood of Blood Covenant.
Brotherhood of Blood members may use a token to duel one another.
Temporarily increases the chance of being invaded when used.
Awarded to any living Red Phantoms when the host dies during an invasion.
Grave of Saints treasure, at the bottom of the pit before entering The Gutter.
E2stVkT.png Seed of a Tree of Giants Enemies will attack invading Red and Blue Phantoms Resting giant tree near the Soldier's Rest bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants
sPee28p.png Hello Carving Drops a carving that says "Hello"'. Sold by Magerold of Lanafir for 2,000 souls.
U0QFyVG.png Thank You Carving Drops a carving that says "Thank you".' Sold by Magerold of Lanafir for 2,000 souls.
hlyl9PM.png I'm Sorry Carving Drops a carving that says "I'm Sorry". Sold by Magerold of Lanafir for 2,000 souls.
OIQNs25.png Very Good! Carving Drops a carving that says "Very Good!". Sold by Magerold of Lanafir for 2,000 souls.
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