Movement Modifier


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This page contains some of exemplary ATK(shown in equip window) > Damage's Formula Modifier used by Weapon movements.

Movement Modifier applies to both PHYSICAL AND ELEMENTAL damage.

There seems to be a Weapon-Type modifier for Enchanted, not Infused Elemental Damage, which has to be further tested.

Formula for TOTALInfused Weapon Damage Calculation:

((Physical Total * Ring Factor * Hand Factor * Movement Modifier — Area Defense * Defense Factor) * Weakness Factor + (Element Extra + Elemental Total * Hand Factor * Movement Modifier * Resistance Tier)) * Critical Value * Mode Reduction = Final Damage

Key Explanation:
Ring Factor - Red Tear Stone, + 20%
Hand Factor - Left hand 0.9, Right hand 1.0
Area Defense - 63+ Area
Defense Factor - +0 ~ +90%, Melee/Ranged are separate.
Resistance Tier - 100% ~ 0%
Element Extra - 1 extra damage for every Element on the weapon
Critical Value - Counter damage
Mode Reduction - Multiplayer or Covenant of Champions, -10% / -20%

Magic Drakekeeper's Sword +10 with 200 in ATK: Str, ATK: Dex and Magic BNS, having a total of 227 Physical and 231 Magical, Jump Attack on Undead Laborer in Undead Crypt, No Rings, Right hand, no summon.

(227*1.512-117*1.25)*1.35+(1+231*1.512*0.9) = 581.25 » Tested 582

Movement List

Weapon Movement Modifier Note
ALL Melee Weapon Jump-Attack 1.512 regardless of 1 / 2 handed
Claymore Main Slash Average 1.179 (without Jump) 1.1 Critical
Light 1.043
Light-2 0.976
Heavy 1.204 Thrust
Heavy-2 1.282
Roll 0.957 Thrust
Run 1.016
2H Light 1.227
2H Light-2 1.145
2H Heavy 1.394 Thrust
2H Heavy-2 1.512 (= Jump)
2H Roll 1.194
2H Run 1.194 (= 2H Roll)

When finished testing, every weapon's page will have their movement-modifiers added.

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