A former Firekeeper living in Things Betwixt with her sisters Strowen and Griant.

They live in isolation but do not turn away Undead travelers bound for Drangleic; in fact they recieve a steady stream of wayward visitors and are quite accustomed to company.

Much like her sister Griant, Morrel participates in the initial series of cutscenes but serves no other function and has no items to give.


Things Betwixt
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1090 0
2 ? 0
8 ? 0


  • Upon killing Housekeeper Milibeth, the Old Firekeepers will no longer speak to you.
  • If you attack any one of the Old Firekeepers, Housekeeper Milibeth will aggro you.
  • Though otherwise indistinguishable from Griant in-game, Morrel is the one found sitting next to the fireplace.


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Voiced by: Marcia Warren

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