Mirror Squire

aka Looking Glass Varlet

Looking Glass Varlet


Reflections residing in the dimension within the King's Mirror. They can cross over to the world of the living through the looking glass, but for what purpose?
Do they seek to replace those who originally cast them?

King's Passage Aldia's Keep
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,100 0 1 2,250 1,200
2 1,550 0 2 3,000 2,400
8 2,900 0 8 5,650 4,800


King's Passage
The Looking Glass Knight boss will summon them from his shield to fight you. They are smaller than normal human characters.

Aldia's Keep
Just up the first flight of stairs, behind the second flight, will be five mirrors, three of which will spawn two halberd squires and one greatsword squire.


  • None


Weakness Effectiveness
Strike 100%
Thrust 75%
Slash 75%
Projectile 75%


Resistance Reduction
Fire 35%
Magic 35%
Lightning 35%
Dark 35%
Poison Immune
Bleed Immune


Attack Description
Left Slash (Greatsword) Slashes to the left.
Right Slash (Greatsword) Slashes to the right. Usually combined with the left slash.
Downwards Strike (Greatsword) Strikes downwards from above. Usually combined with right slash.
Forward Thrust (Greatsword) Thrusts forward towards the player. More common when blocking.
Sweeping Slash (Halberd) A slash from left to right towards the player.
Forward Thrust (Halberd) A forward thrust towards the player. More likely if the player is blocking.
Forward Thrust, Downward Strike (Halberd) A forward thrust towards the player, followed up with a downwards strike.
Shield Smash(Greatsword/Halberd) Strikes the player with their shield.


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