Merciless Roenna

Roenna wears a helm associated with the warlocks of Aldia. Could the unnatural condition of this forest be related to the experiments of the Aldian mages, or is it mere coincidence?1


Huntsman's Copse
In Dark Souls II she invades as you make your way along the cliffside just before the Skeleton Lords boss fight.

In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, she invades in the clearing at the end of the natural ramp found on the cliffside in the area before the Skeleton Lords boss fight.

  • She can be easily pushed off the cliff, however doing so will sacrifice the chance of getting any of her drops.
  • Using a Bonfire Ascetic on the Undead Lockaway bonfire in Huntsman's Copse will respawn her.

1. Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Guide description

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,550 2,301
2 2,750 4,602
8 5,270 9,204
Weakness Effectiveness
Strike ?
Thrust ?
Slash ?
Projectile 100%
Resistance Reduction
Fire ?
Magic ?
Lightning ?
Dark ?
Status Ailment Susceptible?
Poison Yes
Toxic Yes
Bleed Yes
Attack Parryable? Blockable? Notes
Right/Left Slash Yes Yes -
Downward Slash Yes Yes -
Rolling Upward Slash Yes Yes -
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