Memory of the Old Iron King

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Sir Alonne Steel-willed Lorrie
Drifter Swordsman Aidel
Smelter Wedge
Skeptic's Spice
Twinblade +7
Flame Salamander
Alonne Knight
Alonne Knight Captain
Alonne Knight Set
Alonne Captain Set
Fire Orb
Great Fireball


Accessible from the armor set near the Smelter Throne bonfire in Brume Tower.

Requires Ashen Mist Heart and the Crown of the Old Iron King to access. This means you must have defeated the Fume Knight.

The initial room in this Memory is one of the rooms that allows players without the DLC to be summoned. Place your soul sign in the rooms with white gravestones before the door that requires the Heavy Iron Key.


Brume Tower




Map (Japanese)

Go through the doorway and enter a large, vaulted hall. It contains numerous Alonne Knights, Flame Salamanders and an Alonne Knight Captain. In the first doorway on the left of the room is a body holding 3x Rusted Coin. Scattered in the middle of the room are bodies holding 5x Smooth & Silky Stone, 3x Human Effigy and a Skeptic's Spice.

At the end of the room is a hole, drop down it. This passageway will bring you to a room with a grated floor, with a few Knights (some firing greatbows) and a Salamander beneath the grated floor. On the floor are two bodies, one holding 5x Radiant Lifegem and another holding 3x Repair Powder. In the room below the grated floor is a Twinblade +7.

Go through the doorway at the end of the room to reach the boss fog for Sir Alonne. After killing him, examine the chair to receive a Smelter Wedge. Examine it again to leave the memory.

Memory of the Old Iron King Video Walk-through



  • If you have not defeated the Fume Knight, then the set of armour that allows access to this area will not be glowing red.
  • Great place to farm the Flame Salamanders for their pyromancy spell drops.
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