Memory of Orro


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
None Benhart of Jugo Soul Vessel
Grand Lance
Steel Set
Fire Seed
Soul of a Giant
Royal Soldier
Royal Infantry
Elite Giant


A memory fragment of Orro, a Giant Warrior. Ashen Mist Heart is required to access.


Forest of Fallen Giants
You enter this area through a Giant's remains located after the Pursuer boss.


Memory of Orro Video Item Guide

  • Fading Soul in the corner of the room with a Pharros Contraption up the stairs to the left of Benhart of Jugo
  • 3x Soul of a Hero in a trapped wooden chest beyond the wall opened by the first Pharros Contraption.
  • Steel Set & a Fire Seed beyond an illusory wall directly to the right of the second Pharros Contraption. Activating the second Pharros Contraption is not necessary.
  • Soul of a Brave Warrior on a corpse atop a wall. Drop down the first opening from the rooftop with the Giant Pyromancer and Giant Warrior.
  • Grand Lance & 3x Bonfire Ascetics in chests in a hard to reach room with a Giant Warrior. To get to the room you must first break the wooden plank behind the last wooden wheel on the roof with a Giant Pyromancer. This lowers a small wooden platform which you can drop down to and use to sprint off or get a running jump through a hole in the wall to access the chests. Recommended to use Silvercat Ring during drop down to wooden platform.
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, this area does not contain the Grand Lance, but instead several Skeptic's Spices and Simpleton's Spices.
  • 3x Wilted Dusk Herbs after exiting the hole in the room with 3 Bonfire Ascetics on a corpse or by following the scaffolding that can be accessed by a ladder in the courtyard floor.
  • Soul Vessel & Soul of a Great Hero just off the edge of the small roof with the Wilted Dusk Herb on a corpse. Or by entering the courtyard from the bottom and taking an immediate right to the corner.
  • Soul of a Proud Knight on a corpse on scaffolding up a ladder on the left of the courtyard.
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight on a corpse in the left of the courtyard just past the ladder.
  • Soul of a Giant from the Giant Corpse at the far left corner of the courtyard.


Map (Japanese)

Memory of Orro Video Walkthrough - Entrance at 16:35

  1. If you talked with Benhart before he should be sitting right in front of you. Talk to him and he will be available for the Giant Lord fight in the Memory of Jeigh. Go left and up the stairs.
  2. Use a Pharros' contraption if you have a spare stone. It will open passage to a room with a chest and another Pharros' contraption. Using this one won't do you any good - it will trigger a trap. And the chest is also trapped. But there is a hidden passage here - directly to the right of the contraption. In this room you will find a Fire Seed and the Steel Set. Get back to a staircase and go up.
  3. On top of a walls you will see Giant pyromancers and an Elite Giant fighting with a few soldiers.
  4. On some scaffolding there is a Soul of a Proud Knight. Changes to a Soul of a Hero at Bonfire Intensity 2+.
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