Memory of Jeigh


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Giant Lord None Bonfire Ascetic
Divine Blessing
Fire Seed
Soul of a Giant
Royal Soldier
Elite Giant


A memory fragment of Jeigh, a Giant Warrior. King's Ring and Ashen Mist Heart are required to access.


Forest of Fallen Giants
Right after the King's Gate, accessible from the Giant's remains.


Map (Japanese)

Memory of Jeigh Video Walk-through - Entrance at 28:35

  1. Take the stairs to the right up and through the fog gate. You will emerge into a chaotic scene. There are two Elite Giants in the distance fighting a group of Royal Soldiers.
  2. You can find a Bonfire Ascetic near the start.
  3. Watch out for fire falling from skies and a large statue head which will fall and roll throughout the arena.
  4. A body before the boss has an Old Radiant Lifegem. At Bonfire Intensity 2+ it changes to a Divine Blessing.
  5. On the platform next to the boss is a body with a Fire Seed.
  6. At the end you will have to fight the Giant Lord. After you defeat him look for items you might have missed and enter the door behind the Giant Lord. Get the Soul of a Giant from a Giant's body and leave the memory.


  • Can be used near the end of playthrough for infinite souls farming. Simply use a Bonfire Ascetic, grab the loot in the memory and kill the boss.
  • Upon exiting the memory, Royal Sorcerer Navlaan will invade if the lever in Aldia's Keep has been pulled.
  • A unique corpse of a giant can be found here. Badly burnt, it is unlike the corpses of others that can be found, as this one possesses a face. Said face is rather ape-like in appearance, though also possessing pure white eyes and shark-like teeth.
  • With a full set of souls gained gear you will gain 570,169 souls for clearing the memory at Bonfire Intensity 8+.
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